Saturday, August 30, 2008


Read my horoscope on Facebook for today. This is what it says:

Some recent financial troubles could turn out to have a silver lining.
That electronic device or toy you or your partner wanted has suddenly gone on sale,
or a friend has a used one they are looking to unload,
or perhaps someone is willing to trade."

What the hell is "that electronic device or toy" means? Horoscopes can be really misleading and confusing. I bloody do not understand what does my horoscope says about me. Can someone please explain it to me in a more simpler manner. That's the first time, I do not understand my horoscope. Has nothing to do with my life, or for any matter. Electronic device!?!? Toy!?!?
It could mean various type of Electronic Device/Toy:
- Mobile phone
- TV (does anyone wants to unload my TV)
- Camera
- iPod
- A dildo? (how can one trade a dildo)
- Are shoes considered toys? (i wish)
if I keep listing, I won't end this post.

Aiyo, I give up!



moments like these, I thank for.

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