Monday, August 4, 2008

girls day out

Try imagining 4 girls + karaoke. Wonder how would it be like?
Well, before getting there. Let me enlighten you on how we actually got there.

It all began last night, when Christal and I was planning on what to do today.
Seeing that my class does not start today - which I was so looking forward for!
Our initial plan was to have lunch and then, Fish Spa. However, our plan changed.
Thanks to Amanda and Irene, who last minute called us out for lunch.

Off we went to Sushi Zanmai. We had a jolly good time talking and talking and talking.
And we ate and ate and ate, though service was slow. Of course, I had to talk to the manager.
Service was shit. After all that jazz, Amanda said, "Let's go karaoke. Cheap at this hour!"

We all agreed hesitantly. Thinking that we each secretly suck at singing. Till Irene said "Whatever happens in the box, stays in the box" Funnily, we were going to RedBox! =D
So we went, and we checked in. We chose songs and gleefully sang it with all our might.

It made all of us high.

We were super enthusiastic and hyped to sing the song. Which I don't understand why?
Perhaps, the song had a super-kinetic-thing-to-it. It made us addicted.
By the end of the whole experience, we lost our voice.
Nevertheless, it was a good 1st karaoke-experience. For me, at least!
Here's an evidence on how crazy we were:


moments like these, I thank for.

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