Saturday, August 23, 2008

there is always moment for goodbyes

This time around the "goodbye" isn't about another farewell to a friend (I miss you, Tiffy) or to my loved ones. I've ended my service in Starbucks Coffee Malaysia, SS15. In short, I've quit. And in two weeks time, I'm officially an ex-barrista. Been faithfully working for Starbucks for a year and a half now and I guess, I got tired with the internal politics and
obviously, thanks to the "well-labour-abused" pay, RM4.75/hour.

Oh well, aside from the low pay, everywhere has politics and drama which I can't runaway from (sigh). Hence, I've decided to send in my resignation letter tomorrow. The month of August will be the last time for me to put on my Starbucks gear and work the bar with great enthusiasm. Of course that simply means;
No more free frappuccinos.
No more practicing latte art.
No more 30% DISCOUNT (shucks)!

It's been hell of a great time working with whacky partners, hipped bosses and friendly customers. Surely, I'll miss it. This is my Starbucks journey; it begins here:

First, there was the 3-day training course. To drill and to teach every aspiring barrista the tricks on how to make the perfect espresso shot, latte, mocha and what not.
After fully graduated from the training, I begun my service.
5th June 2007 to be exact (smiles).
Tiffy, remember this?
And then, there is always the proud moment when you have to make your first Caramel Macchiato. This is mine. Doesn't look like how it's suppose to be. But let me tell you, it taste better than the "supposed" Caramel Macchiato because love and effort has been put into making it.
Not to forget, the people behind Starbucks SS15 - Us, The Barristas aka the partners.
They bring the outburst and hype into the store.
Meet Ashraf Dev and Vanee.
The store manager aka THE BOSS, Jason.
A surprise birthday party for him.
Best moment began here. My first Starbucks store trip. We went to Penang for 3 days. Did everything we could do there. That is eat, eat, eat. And oh yes, drink, drink, drink. Shared ghost stories and funny momentos.
Meet Reza and Alvin.
These two are my mentors.
They were my coaches.
Meet Chin the latte art king and
the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) dude.

This is the behind-the-scene of Starbucks SS15. The infamous smoking alley. Been there, done that. Meet Hadey, Alvin, Raja and Arvin.
Year end, every Starbucks in the Klang Valley hosted a Christmas Cheer Party. I was the Santarina but somehow, my costume was an angel (laughs). Just a fun day filled with lots of joy and love, which is what Christmas is suppose to be. My duty was to keep the orphans and customers happy. Also, to spread the cheer by giving food and inevitably, my smile.

The After Party of Christmas Cheer 2007 - Maisons.
Meet Michelle.

Come 2008, we still had our outing traditions.
A small BBQ gathering at our store manager's condo.
Meet Livon.

And this is where my journey ends. Unforgettably, marked by me.

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes; a farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. And for that - you'll always be.
- Richard Bach -


moments like these, I thank for.

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