Tuesday, August 5, 2008

start the ignition, baby

My 2nd Semester classes has just begun. Today was the day. The first day of class after a magnificently-long-and-boring one month of hols. Well okay, I may have exaggerated on the boring part. The hols were fairly nice. Became a part-time alcoholic (grins) and a full-time sleeper. Didn't get my supposedly summer tan, although Irene L did ask me for 2 trips - Port Dickson and Singapore which I conveniently, said no.

Anyway, first day of class was fun. As usual, hugs and kisses were floating around. It's good to be back and to catch up with my classmates. And its a norm, for communication students, to get new looks for each semester. It was nice to look at new "faces". First class: GLOBAL SOCIETIES. No idea exactly what it is, but all I know it has something to do with the world and cultures. Duh. Apparently, the lecturer said by the end of the course, we will be true Malaysians. I hope.

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moments like these, I thank for.

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