Sunday, August 24, 2008

about alicia chow rue huey

This posts is a tribute to Alicia Chow Rue Huey.
I repeat.
Specially for her as she requested VERY nicely.
First and foremost, we both share the same name. How ironic, isn't it? She always claim that my mother named me after her, which somehow I was born first. Duh. So now its all out, Alicia Chow. You were named AFTER me!

Something about Alicia Chow. Weirdly enough, we share the same name, our birthdays fall on the same month - March. The most important thing to differentiate the both of us is that, one has the nicer nickname whereas the other is funny enough. People call her "Ali"! Yes, I repeat ALI! No, not Ali Baba, but ALI (laughs)! Poor child must have a traumatizing childhood to be known as Ali. So now you know who has the nicer nickname (winks).

Ali is a year younger than me. Thanks to her oversize brain with a large amount of knowledge capacity that enabled her to "jump" straight to standard 5 after PTS. How smart. Anyway, since Alicia Chow has requested oh-so-very-nicely to blog about her. I shall do so. In future, please do not get us mixed up.

Name: Alicia Chow Rue Huey
DOB: 29 March 90
Height: Short (duh! I don't know the exact figure)
Weight: She claims she's fat. Go figure.
Smartness: Uber genius
Ambition: Accountant?
Hobby: Facebook
Marital Status: In a relationship with Ezwan (congrats! Sorry boys)

Physical Appearance
Face: Round
Eyes: Droopy
Skin: Quite fair-lah, quite
Hair: Short - black
She loves: Her shoulders?
She hates: Her arms
Piercings: 3
Tattoos: None, for now (grins)

That's all I can think for now, Ali. Sorry you asked me to do it instantly and this is what I've come up with so far. Will continue tomorrow. I'm tired (yawn)! Aren't you flattered? The post is about you only (laughs). Enjoy reading about yourself. Not bad, I know you quite well!


moments like these, I thank for.

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