Monday, August 11, 2008

how hair works

So here I am blogging away about how hair works. But before I do get there, I'm actually being side-tracked from what I'm suppose to be doing. Am suppose to be reading on some "readings" which honestly, I am so not in the mood for it. Sigh. University has started but physically and emotionally, I am not prepared. (slaps) I need to get up!

I've got the sudden mood to browse through my photo collections of many many past interesting events. And I somehow just realized, I've gone through major hairdos. Some good, some bad and some AWFULLY gone wrong. This shows that our hair does actually play a vital role in making us look good, huh. Seriously, you may look like the most beautiful human being god has ever created, but with a bad haircut, you may look otherwise. No joke. Basically, here is how my hair has evolved:-

Well, when little me was born, let's just say I had a lot of hair. (laughs) My hair evolution started with a decent afro.Somehow, daddy thought it was too much too handle. He decided I needed a trim. Got myself a typical 4-year old girl haircut. Short and simple. But of course, I needed a touch of glam. A colourful pin did the job!
Anyway, let's fast forward to primary school. Oh wait, you know what. Let's skip that too. Let's just say, I never had a memorable primary school hairdo. I would call my haircut then, "very safe". Very minimal, nothing to shout about, just the regular bald-eagled-pony-tail-hair. Yeah that's what I would call it. Best haircut moment begins obviously in high school. Reason being us, girls start to be vain (impressing them, boys!), and true enough, girls tend to outdo each other to look good.

So it starts with the same pony-tail hairdo. That no girl can escape.
Then, I started feeling bored. I tend to get bored easily. So the entertainment? CUT MY HAIR! I still remember the day I had this haircut I was in my best friend's house and she took this photo. Simple and boring, isnt it? But wait...
I got itchy, and I told the stylist, could you leave a tail behind? And yes, I went for the rempit look. I still vividly remember how the stylist looked at me in awe. He thought I was mad. By the way, he is still my hair stylist till today. Classic look he had, that I could never forget.
My hair evolution officially began then! I got even more itchy and creative. I decided let's go boycut! Fair enough, I did. At that time, many took me as a rocker. But deep down inside, I'm still a good-decent-child.
As the "hair-ball" got rolling, I got EVEN MORE creative. Let's try MOHAWK! And here it is, I did! I totally miss my mohawk moment. The only bitchy part of it, styling it up everyday. Got tired of it, after while. So as you can see, my hair got short, shorter, and shortest! Guess what? It never stopped.
Soon after, I told myself, college is starting, I need a geeky look. So, I had it. I kept my normal short hair for quite awhile. But back and forth, I did change hair colour (grins).

Gradually, my hair grew. And I decided, it needed a revamp. I went RED! Yes, flashing-bright-red.
It worked well at glam nights.
It worked well with a cap. Sometimes, we just got to mix it, baby!
My hair grew longer and longer. By that time, I got bored. And I decided, let's rebond it. A piece of advice: Never take a picture of yourself when you first straighten. Cause you may end up looking like this. Straws on your head. (laughs) Let's put that as my bad hair day moment.
Miraculously, it got better.
And better. Excuse the face. God knows what I was sniffing so hard about!
And better! Doesn't it look so good with my absolute tan skin and the cowboy hat! Then suddenly, all hell broke loose...
I screwed up. By doing this! Note to self: Leave snow caps to boys! (smacks)
Again, in Australia, I got bored of the long straight hair which I only kept for 2 months. I know, what a waste of money. But then again, I got a free dye and haircut from my cousin!
Tada! As my cousin would put it, "very much inspired bob!" The haircut was highly influenced by the Victoria Beckham and Rihanna's bob trend.
Lovin' it then.
Weeks later, I got bored once again. Trust me, if I had cancer, it would be because of my hair. Expose to too much of hair chemicals! Went for the all-black hair colour. Had it for awhile...until
This! Yet again, I dyed my hair. I know, I really did try to control myself. But couldn't, I didn't even know what colour it is. (laughs) It grew longer till it no longer became a bob cut.
And last but not least, my to date haircut. Wanted a simple look. And here it is. I hope this will last (grins), because knowing me, I can't keep a goddamn haircut for less than 6 months. I will terrorize my hair, fo sho.

There you have it. How hair works for me. IT DOESN'T! There will always be room for improvement and new looks! Beware. I might go BRITNEY next time! What'd you reckon? Somehow, at the end of the day, I strongly believe you will look good in anything, so long as you work the hair. It may be bald, crew, bob, long, short, curled, or waved, YOU JUST HAVE TO WORK IT! Cheers.


moments like these, I thank for.

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