Wednesday, January 28, 2009

am i an old cow?

You must be wondering why am I referring myself to an animal. Worst of all, a cow. In my lowly days, like today...I usually find myself comfortably tucked in at home and not wanting to step outdoors. Hence, I resort to lying in bed all day with good movies and comforting food. You might be wondering what does my activity for the day has anything to do with me being an old cow, right?

Well, I was watching this old chick flick film, Someone Like You. Ashley Judd. Hugh. Jackman. And Greg Kinnear. Found it in my dad's DVD collection. And since, I've watched almost every DVD in the house...I might as well watch the film since I have not seen it yet. Which I'm sure some of you might have. So you'll know what I am actually talking about.

I shall not bother to tell you the synopsis of the film. However, what I want to mention is that the film did bring up some very good theories about men. I must say, the film is very feminist with a twist. The show depicts men as cows - male cows, to be precise also known as bulls. Apparently, the theory states that a bull will never mate a female cow twice. Once the bull has "done" the female cow, it is known as an old cow. Therefore, leaving the bull to mate a new cow.

Similarly, in the movie it shows that men are like bulls. Do one. Yawn. Leave old. Take new. So this movie got me thinking...does it really apply to reality? I have heard of stories whereby some guys do actually act like bulls. Don't worry I am not stereotyping men...what I am trying to say is that, will it happen to me? Me, being the old cow? Or me being the new cow, and then becoming old? I'm too young to even be thinking about this things. Somehow, the movie just got me's good to be the new cow, but heck, it wouldn't make any difference because you'll end up being the old cow! So what then...will I ever meet a "true bull"?

or can I just be a sheep?



Monday, January 26, 2009

Introducing the new comer

Very nice... ! Great work on the banner lish.
Well, as promise my 1st blog on this site. For those who dont know me, I am tiffany and I currently live in Canada.
Here is my story...

I have been busy the pass six nights.. Its insane but I shall not complain. Yesterday, I went to Stereo,an old nightclub that had been renovated with a new high polish image previously known as phroahs. Its freaking crazy on a saturday, what i mean by that is the line up for this place starts at 8:30 pm.. who goes to the bar at that hour? Damn I sure did, my friends and I got there about 8:50 pm. and there was a bloody long lineup. 3 party busses..damn. We linedup for 20 minutes in the -30 something weather. Oh was our feet frozen. Its pure touture for those who were wearing short dresses and not wearing stockings. That was way to bad start the night. But after that, the night went great . The place was pack and the music was great. See one thing unique about this bar is that they have plasma tv and projectors all over the bar almost every inch. Every so often they will zoom in on people on the dance floor and you can see yourself on the wall all over the bar if you are lucky.

This is the funny part. They played this song called" I like big butts and I cannot lie " they zoomed in on girls asses that were dancing on the booty box. However, girls here wear really really short dresses . So, there was this girl who was dancing and shaking her ass not knowing that her ass was projected on to the walls all over the bar and everyone who was looking can see her underwear depending on how she shaked. Sadly, she turned around and we could see her butt checks.. oh boi.. she is lucky cause half the people there was drunk or tipsy. So embrassing.

The bar had maybe about 1,000 people. So, we decided to get out coats an hour before the bar closes. It took us 50 minutes to get our coat. Brutal, standing in line getting restless , feet in pain, squash... not a good thing. It killed the night. I am definately not going to that bar again until summer comes along.. All in all we did have a good time..

Megan and I

This picture is from friday night at Whiskey Dix..
Danielle and I

A little preview of the club.

where are all the good men?

Currently watching 'I pronounce you Chuck and Larry' and I am intrigued to a line in the movie.

"It's true that all good men are either married or gay!"

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Two posts, back to back. Wow. What an improvement in blogosphere for me. It used to take me weeks after weeks to think of something to blog about.

Purpose of blogging now:
I think I am suffering from insomnia. Yes, I think I really am having this sleeping disorder. I can't seem to fall asleep. Apparently there are 3 types of insomnia - transient, acute and chronic. I feel like I belong to transient and acute insomnia. By the time I do fall asleep the sky is turning blue. I have issues!

I did try various ways to fall asleep:
Eating excessively.
Sheep counting.
Watch tons of movies.
Music to put me to bed.
Comfort of my best friend's rants.
Alcohol aka somewhat not sober.
Russ (my smelly ol' soft toy).
Clean sheets.
Abuse of Facebook (still not sick of it).

None works. Sigh.
I need a sleeping remedy.


Something you should watch if you are a big fan of Boyz II Men.
I am currently listening to aspiring young singers that are trying to make it in the entertainment industry. These 3 guys - AJ Rafael, Bryan Keith and RuSoul are starting their fame on YouTube. Also, please, please, please YouTube Gabe Bondoc and Passion. I fell in love with them.
This is beyond love at first sight.

Friday, January 23, 2009


What can I say about them?
Being with a special someone is much different than being with a bunch of crazy friends.

Friends are people you act silly with and they don't really care.
Friends are people who knows your weaknesses and strengths.
Friends are people that bring out the best in you.
Friends are people you can rely on.
Friends are people who hates you at times.
Friends are people you might end up falling for.
Friends are people you adventure with.
Friends are people you discover "life" with.
Friends are people you share your darkest secrets with.
Friends are people that bring you back to reality.
Friends are people you grow up with.
Friends are people that understand you. (even parents can't do that!)
Friends are people you do shit with.
Most importantly, friends are people you can count on.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yet another festive season. This time around of red and gold. Chinese New Year, to be precise. Sadly, this year CNY wouldn't be as great as the others. CNY is for families to come together and celebrate the auspicious moment amidst with good food and ang pau packets. As for me, this year would be a dull one.

I won't be going back to my hometown, Malacca. So no family visits for the maternal side, and as for the paternal side, no one is around. My dad's entire family has left to down under. Hence, Chinese New Year will never be the same. Is true what they say, as you grow older, the tradition dies off.

But on the plus side, gambling would be one of the reason to look forward for Chinese New Year. And plenty of open house...I hope.

On a random note, I can't wait for my classes to commence. The 4-months holiday has really drained my body and mind. Sleeping late, waking up at odd hours, bumming around. Basically, doing everything and anything unproductive. I just need to do something - earn money would be great. Seeing that I spend more than I earn!
I need a life.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

less than perfect

To say that I have a perfect life would be the biggest lie.
I started young. Young and naive.
Did not know it could hurt this bad but yet, I'm trying to make the best out of everything.
They always say, one will only learn his/her lesson until it actually happens.
Fair enough, it did.

I'm numb.
When will I ever know?

Believe it or not?
My life is less than perfect...that is a fact.