Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yet another festive season. This time around of red and gold. Chinese New Year, to be precise. Sadly, this year CNY wouldn't be as great as the others. CNY is for families to come together and celebrate the auspicious moment amidst with good food and ang pau packets. As for me, this year would be a dull one.

I won't be going back to my hometown, Malacca. So no family visits for the maternal side, and as for the paternal side, no one is around. My dad's entire family has left to down under. Hence, Chinese New Year will never be the same. Is true what they say, as you grow older, the tradition dies off.

But on the plus side, gambling would be one of the reason to look forward for Chinese New Year. And plenty of open house...I hope.

On a random note, I can't wait for my classes to commence. The 4-months holiday has really drained my body and mind. Sleeping late, waking up at odd hours, bumming around. Basically, doing everything and anything unproductive. I just need to do something - earn money would be great. Seeing that I spend more than I earn!
I need a life.

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