Tuesday, July 14, 2009

UFC and Motorcross

My weekend of sports...

Saturday :Lounge, relax and watch the fights with my family.

It's so much fun when everyone gets together, munch on chips and pizza and hit the bottle.

If you get a chance to watch the UFC100 you should it was very good.

Below is a preview of the the fights.

If you watch the video here is the result of the fight:

Bisping vs Henderson : Henderson won with a Knock out.
George St.Pierre vs Thiago : George St. Piere won ( Yeay! He is my fav. fighter , plus he is from canada)
Lesner vs Mir : Lesner won (dont want to mess with this big guy)

Sunday: Motor Cross

Left the house at 5:30 am to watch motor cross on a Sunday. We drove an hour to get to the tracks to watch my cousin Pam's boyfriend race.

I was very interesting and fun. Plus, alot of topless guy ;) ahaha It was my first time watching this sport in real life. This is a very expensive hobby, but the crowd turn up was awesome. There were about 150 racers at this event from the ages of 5 all the way up to 50 maybe. There were girls who raced too.I was so shock to see kids so young riding on their mini dirt bike going up and down the track. It looks easy but the outcome when something goes terribly wrong is insane. We witness an accident where a boy in his teens was jumping then his bike did a turn in the air he crashed and the racer behind him jump off the slope and crash right in to him. Luckily the boy didn't die but he had to ride in the ambulance to the nearest hospital.

Scott in his gear all ready to race

Group : Ages 7-8

1-2-3 GO!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

the king of pop

This is a tribute.
RIP Michael Joseph Jackson.

"You are definitely not alone"