Friday, September 26, 2008

Joo 23

A year older, but a lot more wiser, kan?

Hope you had a blast on your birthday night @ Eckywoobee (aka your SPORTS BAR!). (laughs) Though you were almost drunk but it was fun, right? Played the Ring of Fire, 21, and Poker Sips. And also, not forgetting...the people around you that make your birthday a whole lot nicer. Thanks so much for everything - dinner, beer and for being there for me when I was down (you know what I mean).
You've always stood by me, I really appreciate it.

Anyway, although your birthday has passed, I truly hope you'll remember the day you turn 23 because in years to come, you can look back and ponder on such a fun night you had with us!
Happy Birthday, Joo!



moments like these, I thank for.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

truth be told, I MISS YOU!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

starry, starry night

Well, I'm not going to be long winded. Seeing that I'm quite lazy to blog. Last night, did a little bit of clubbing after a tiresome night of work at Euphoria and after a week of deprivation of wild nights. Finally had the chance to hit the dancefloor and enjoyed a few drinks to unsober-ized myself. Saw many many familiar faces. Of course, most of which are my friends. Undoubtedly, pictures were taken to add on to my memorable album. My night ended early due to the following day of class.

Ambassadors' of Euphoria

Meet Melinda + Crystal + Lish + Kristen + Diane
Afiq and I (winks)

As for tonight, bff called for a night out. And so we did hangout. Initially, planned to go to Bangsar but I guess time was a factor, we ended up at Republic, Pyramid. Played the Ring of Fire with a bunch of new people. The night ended up pretty funny and filled with much excitement. More pictures for all!
Meet Shoma + bff, Chris love

Meet Thaddeus + Hui Ling + Shoma + Gravin + Christal + Michelle + Lish

By the way, a big shout out to a friend: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAC! Enjoy your birthday, shall see you tomorrow for a bigger celebration with Jeevs and the rest.


moments like these, I thank for.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I thought I would never say this, but I really want to.

They say it's all in the smile. You think so?

Mum has been gone for almost a week now to Melbourne, Australia to look after my little newborn nephew, Tristan for 3 months. And the house has been a wrecked. Well not entirely but soon! I know every teen gets excited when their parents are out of town and what not. Truthfully, there's the pros and cons to it.

You get your freedom, duh. And of course, the great escapes from nagging.

Cons: Everything is just wrong.

No one to feed my dad, brother and I. No one to wash my massive amount of laundry. No one to clean the house. No one to complain to when my brother bullies me. Aiyo...I just miss my mama. But you know what? After all that has happened with the household stuff. I became really independent and more responsible. Not that I'm not. But I guess, I took my mother for granted.

So the past week, I cooked for the men in the house! And so far, dinner has been good, says my dad. As for my brother, he practically consumes anything. So no complaints there. Yours truly can officially cook a decent meal. Care to try some?

Also, been cleaning the house too! Am so proud of myself. I started with my closet (smiles). Finally, it's clean and mess-free. I found clothes, I never knew I had. Then my room. I found really cool things, I never knew I kept. Moved along to the family rooms and end up cleaning the entire house. Seriously, when cleaning your home, you really do need to have that particular moment when the drive is there. You just can't stop. T'was fun! (Note: I never had a maid)

So Mum has left the building. Dad is leaving soon to down under too. Don't know exactly when. But right now, I just got to save! Save a lot of money! Petrol, food, petrol, food. (sigh) The thought of it already scares me.

I'm such a muka tebal person. (laughs) Been asking people to take me into their families when my dad leaves. Will anyone house a parent-less child? I just need food (both lunch and dinner, would be great. Get to save a few ringgit there!) and someone to do my laundry! Shelter? I still have my room. Oh yes, petrol. BAH! Don't think I can save on that. My only mode of transportation is my much-relied-on car. Unlessssssss...could you give me a ride?

Okay, okay.
Alicia stop being a brat.
Am not!
It's not as if it's my first time living home alone. In fact, living alone is uber fun. I get the whole house to myself. The tivo is just for me. And I get to walk around the house in my undies (grins). Anyway, back to my whole point of this post.

i miss my mum
Vera Yau Nyo Nya
(yes, she's a Baba Nyo Nya. That explains her quirky name)


moments like these, I thank for.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jeevan 22


Hi Jeevs! I reckon this is the 4th, 5th or 6th time I'm wishing you (laughs). But hey, that's because I didn't get to spend your birthday with you. Seeing that you are occupied. Then again, it's okay because we still have that Thai dinner date to go to, aye.

Anyway J-Vahn, I really hope you enjoyed yourself with your familia. Hope you had a blast on this auspicious day. Receive every cherishable moments with open-wide arms! You know why? Because you deserve it, boy. A great guy like you should be loved! Let this not be your only amazing birthday, but a mark for many more to come!
Happy birthday.

I'll see you, when I see you ok!?
We shall bake a spoon, then.

Hugs and kisses,


moments like these, I wish for.

Monday, September 15, 2008

fact of life #1

I just realized I have many philosophies about life. Not my life in particular. But life in general. On its own. I shall try my best to refrain myself to have an emotional blog. Seeing that most of my posts are parties, my likings and my doings. And this shall not be my first. For my first entry on the fact of life, I shall state something I've experienced today. (Note: I may not be a psychologically-well-trained expert, but it's something I should share to all my devoted readers)

Have you ever felt alone? Yes, I'm sure you might have. Alone in this context refers to being pushed or ditched aside. Let me put this in a positive perspective. PEOPLE! Yes, people, you need not worry about feeling lonely. Lonely is just a part of an obstacle. Trust me on this. I've been there done that. In fact, being lonely is good at times because then you can find yourself.

Commit yourself to understand your inner feelings. Your well-being. Loneliness is just another part for you to understand yourself better. Clears your clouded head with empty thoughts which eventually (I hope) it will lead you to something peaceful. Or sometimes you might end up being depressive. But that's a whole new different story (laughs). Life isn't worth sulking for. There's plenty to see, there's plenty to venture out for and there's plenty for all to witness! Sulking just makes you an outcast because you are deprive from the beauties of this thing we call - earth!

Oh! Let me stress on this. If you ever feel pushed aside or left alone, don't bother! Sometimes I wonder, why do I even bother too? Friends come and go. It's a fact! (smiles) Look at the brighter side. Losing a friend beats making more friends. Hands down! And there are those friends which you can always count on, regardless. Remember you will never stand alone, even if you think or feel about it. Because even the most loneliest prisoner or the most poorest beggar or the unloved orphans have someone to count on. And that is only for each and every one of us to realize.

Think about it? So, the next time if you feel that inch of sadness creeping into your mind and heart, remember, there are people who still cares. Whether they show it or not, they do! They are either one call away, one hug away, one shoulder away, one kiss away, one house away, one "whatever" away - loneliness just gets better in time, eventually...and that's a promise!

Fact of Life #1


moments like these, I thank for.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

it's a best friend thing

As promised before, here's the video of the boys
playing the Ring of Fire in Malay!!


Remember? I had a dilemma whether to get a tattoo or a tongue piercing. Well, guess what?
Yes...I got my tongue pierced with my best friend, Chris love.
We got it together, finally. After much bragging, we have the guts to get it over and done with. And, we are so loving it.

Here's the scoop about it.
But obviously, there was the AFTER PAIN!
And worst of all...I CAN'T EAT AND TALK PROPERLY.
It has been a day now, my articulation is very slurry. People had hard time understanding me. (laughs). About eating. Let's not go there. Let's just say, I had a hard time chewing my food because I had the tendency to bite my stud. OUCH! No joke there! I only had a meal today (sigh).

Anyway, here's a video of the process. Don't worry it's nothing disgusting.
It's education.
Christal and hers.

Alicia and hers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the "crack" of dawn

Something over the weekend I experienced with boys and alcohol. A fun sight to see and be a part with. Azim called me to ask whether I was keen to go for a swim at a friend's of a friend's condo in some deserted area namely Faber Ria. And since I was so dead bored, HELL YEAH! Swimming at 10.00pm is the best thing in life to do especially with the right crowd. If you know what I mean (winks).

Got picked up at about 9-ish pm. Then we headed of to Sanjay's to pick him and Gerard up. It was such a cold and chilly night to begin with. That made me even more excited to go swimming in the darkness. Done picking up the boys, we went to a liquor store and bought obviously, liquor. 5 boys and a girl armed with a bottle of Chivas, Absolut Vodka and 6 burgers. Off we went to our main destination which we ended up getting lost.
Thanks to two very "stoned" boys.

Immediately when we arrived, the bottles were open and uh-oh. NO CUPS! (laughs) We had to borrow cups, sadly. We drank the night away as the rest of the boys came to join the fun: Sheng, Khoe, Nick and Thinesh. So there I was, surrounded by very many gentlemen that some are on the verge to throw up and some are in the midst to reach sky high. As for me, my oh-so-very white face became the colour of my top (you'll see). It's funny when you're sober and the rest around you are cooked up in the head. You get to witness the most hilarious part of the night.

Much later through the night, I wanted to go for dip. And I went. But guess what? I got kicked out of the pool. BUMMERS! I know!! It was such a great night to swim. Apparently, pool closes at 10.00pm. Sigh. So my night ended up, drinking again. Of course, we played games, bonded here and there and took lots of unforgettable videos. To rap it up, that night was an absolute fun night. I may be the only girl there, but the boys were very much entertaining.
It was really the "crack" of dawn. By the time I slept, the sun was rising. Let's do it again!

This is the friend's of a friend's condo.
Meet Chris + Edmund + Balan

Just look at my face
Isn't it amazing how it reflects so much of the colour of my top?
The two stoned boys that were responsible to get us at the place without getting LOST!
Meet Sanjay + Gerard

The fiery red ones
Meet Hakim + Thinesh
The Ring of Fire
And oh yes, this was the cure when I was sick
"Dr. Regal" as Sac says it!

Hometown brothers

My first attempt for a dip - SUCCESS!
2nd attempt - FAILED!

The fun has begun, obviously!
Goodness, I don't even remember taking this shot!
Oh well. The effects of alcohol led to this!


Video will be posted up on the next post.
Something you might want to watch.
Totally stomach-aching funny!


moments like these, I thank for.