Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the "crack" of dawn

Something over the weekend I experienced with boys and alcohol. A fun sight to see and be a part with. Azim called me to ask whether I was keen to go for a swim at a friend's of a friend's condo in some deserted area namely Faber Ria. And since I was so dead bored, HELL YEAH! Swimming at 10.00pm is the best thing in life to do especially with the right crowd. If you know what I mean (winks).

Got picked up at about 9-ish pm. Then we headed of to Sanjay's to pick him and Gerard up. It was such a cold and chilly night to begin with. That made me even more excited to go swimming in the darkness. Done picking up the boys, we went to a liquor store and bought obviously, liquor. 5 boys and a girl armed with a bottle of Chivas, Absolut Vodka and 6 burgers. Off we went to our main destination which we ended up getting lost.
Thanks to two very "stoned" boys.

Immediately when we arrived, the bottles were open and uh-oh. NO CUPS! (laughs) We had to borrow cups, sadly. We drank the night away as the rest of the boys came to join the fun: Sheng, Khoe, Nick and Thinesh. So there I was, surrounded by very many gentlemen that some are on the verge to throw up and some are in the midst to reach sky high. As for me, my oh-so-very white face became the colour of my top (you'll see). It's funny when you're sober and the rest around you are cooked up in the head. You get to witness the most hilarious part of the night.

Much later through the night, I wanted to go for dip. And I went. But guess what? I got kicked out of the pool. BUMMERS! I know!! It was such a great night to swim. Apparently, pool closes at 10.00pm. Sigh. So my night ended up, drinking again. Of course, we played games, bonded here and there and took lots of unforgettable videos. To rap it up, that night was an absolute fun night. I may be the only girl there, but the boys were very much entertaining.
It was really the "crack" of dawn. By the time I slept, the sun was rising. Let's do it again!

This is the friend's of a friend's condo.
Meet Chris + Edmund + Balan

Just look at my face
Isn't it amazing how it reflects so much of the colour of my top?
The two stoned boys that were responsible to get us at the place without getting LOST!
Meet Sanjay + Gerard

The fiery red ones
Meet Hakim + Thinesh
The Ring of Fire
And oh yes, this was the cure when I was sick
"Dr. Regal" as Sac says it!

Hometown brothers

My first attempt for a dip - SUCCESS!
2nd attempt - FAILED!

The fun has begun, obviously!
Goodness, I don't even remember taking this shot!
Oh well. The effects of alcohol led to this!


Video will be posted up on the next post.
Something you might want to watch.
Totally stomach-aching funny!


moments like these, I thank for.

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