Saturday, September 20, 2008

starry, starry night

Well, I'm not going to be long winded. Seeing that I'm quite lazy to blog. Last night, did a little bit of clubbing after a tiresome night of work at Euphoria and after a week of deprivation of wild nights. Finally had the chance to hit the dancefloor and enjoyed a few drinks to unsober-ized myself. Saw many many familiar faces. Of course, most of which are my friends. Undoubtedly, pictures were taken to add on to my memorable album. My night ended early due to the following day of class.

Ambassadors' of Euphoria

Meet Melinda + Crystal + Lish + Kristen + Diane
Afiq and I (winks)

As for tonight, bff called for a night out. And so we did hangout. Initially, planned to go to Bangsar but I guess time was a factor, we ended up at Republic, Pyramid. Played the Ring of Fire with a bunch of new people. The night ended up pretty funny and filled with much excitement. More pictures for all!
Meet Shoma + bff, Chris love

Meet Thaddeus + Hui Ling + Shoma + Gravin + Christal + Michelle + Lish

By the way, a big shout out to a friend: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAC! Enjoy your birthday, shall see you tomorrow for a bigger celebration with Jeevs and the rest.


moments like these, I thank for.

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