Friday, September 5, 2008

of plenty events

The drought for blogging has begun. Mainly because I've been so tied down with assignments and presentation. University stress has finally kick in. Today, I've completed my presentation for Issues in Publication and Design. Very happy with the results, I might add (smiles). You might wonder what is that. It's a pretty fun subject where you learn about designing documents such as newspaper, magazine and fact sheets. Just what I'm so looking forward for.

Anyhoo, presentation is done! Another one coming up next week. Sigh. It's neverending. A little recap what I've been caught up with. Attended two of my dearest friends' birthday - Acap and Anthony at Euphoria. It was whacked. Whacked in a good way, of course. Not forgetting, Merdeka countdown as well at Euphoria too. Man, I'm getting sick of that place. Work there. Party there. Geez. I need a life! I shall not brag any longer because I'm so dead tired (just got back from work). Plus, I need to read up. I'VE GOT QUIZ TOMORROW!
My oh my, I'm so dead.

My Counter Strike teammates: Second2Nothing | s2n!
Missing two more - Neko and Shauna.

Meet Freaky and PiggyX

Birthday boy #1 - Meet Anthony

Birthday boy #2 - Meet Acap

Hit it on the dancefloor!

Merdeka Eve countdown. We were indecisive, hence we ended up in Euphoria. Joy!

My girls - Cindy + Ling + Eve + Lish + Jay Mee + Di Lian + Christal
Missing: Anisha + Amanda + Alicia C.

I heart my bff!
And him, too! For old time sake, aye?

I heart my boys. They took care of me, always.
Sheng + Kar Hoe


moments like these, I thank for.

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