Monday, March 30, 2009

unsuccessful move

Are we true to ourselves?



I'm sure many of you heard about the Earth Hour move. Initially, I was one of those that was very gung ho about getting involve. Spreading the news, wanting to go for the blackout party and what not. But then a friend of mine told me something and it really hit me. Got me thinking....

First of all, I'd like to say:
EARTH HOUR WAS BULLSHIT! (in Malaysia, that is)
On that very night, was driving pass Bukit Bintang, and guess what? My expectation would be, oh it's going to be dark - heck no, it was fucking bright! BEAMING BRIGHT! It didn't seem at all that Malaysia was one of those country involve in the movement.

Although, Malaysia's intentions were good about saving power and energy. Fight for the environment, but think again. Really, do we need to start on mother earth when we can't even solve our own country's social problem.

just to name a few...though it's only a few, but these has caused chaos in the country!
Parents are fearing for every child's safety.
Females are no longer being respected.
Males are trying to protect their better halves.

So ask me why again are we doing Earth Hour? It didn't even turn out that great. Yeah, so what. Radio stations were screaming on and on about it. It's just one of those opportunities that they are taking to have a "celebration" - a Blackout Party, is one. Another way to make more money. Silly of us to even partake in such a thing.

A friend of mine pointed this out to me. Ever wondered why in the United States Earth Hour is held at 8.30am? Well, I would say they are smart. And Malaysians, as always, try to be "unique" have it at 8.30pm. Firstly, streetlights are on during the night and it is definitely a no-no to switch it off because of road safety. So then, why even bother having it at night? Next, electricity is most consumed during the day because of office buildings. They use massive amount of light and air-cond. Doesn't it make sense to switch of your lights during the day. Don't talk about households, but instead on a larger scale. Think about it. Personally, I think it makes a whole lot of sense.

And this is the most obvious, why switch off your lights in the night. You can't see shit! You can't eat! You can't do anything. It is as if we are under a State of Emergency. So here we are, eating in darkness (which is totally stupid and pointless because I had to use my mobile phone to look through the menu), and the Americans, are having a good time eating in light - yes, mother nature's light. Smart, aye? Using nature at its best!

I know my rant now would not make any difference as it has already happened. But I really needed to make a point. Show how silly we, Malaysians can get. The point of having Earth Hour is to start a revolution. A revolution whereby Earthlings would be more conscious and aware about switching on a plug. But somehow over here, it became a fiesta. And sadly, a failed one! I'd say, start with the obvious problems we have rather than be a sad disciple of the Westerners. Sigh.


On a lighter note.
In my previous post, I mentioned about voting for a friend of my Jeevz.
Well guess what?
To those who have been so kind to spare 2 mins of your time and voting,
How so? Well Jeevz won!

Indeed, he did!
He bagged the award Best Hip Hop: Poppin feat. Kraft for AVIMA '09!
Not only that, he was placed in the same category with such established names like Joe Flizzow and Pop Shuvit. Evidently, he has become a rockstar. Yes, on par with other famous names. Better yet, he has gone one step higher by winning the award!

Well done, my friend!
You deserved it.
Now, go celebrate!


Friday, March 27, 2009

galaxy of mine

to you and only you, baby.


All mine.
4 dreadful-painful hours...and it's 80% done.
Till next week, then the final product!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

to be inked!

Girls like you, give other girls a bad name.
Sulk, bitch!


Anticipating for my new tattoo. Three is the charm.
Won't be something extravagant.
Think, galactic stars.
I really hope it turns out as what I imagine.

On a random subject:
Today, I'd like to share my happy song. I listen to it at least once a day be it whether I am sad, emotional, happy or bitter. It just makes me feel absolutely special!
Yes, every girl (guy too, I guess) has their own happy song that they listen to.
That song gives them that extra inch of happiness and confidence.
That song makes them smile that no guy or thing can do.
That song keeps them alive.
That song serenades them to bed.
And that song, will always be "that song".
You know what I mean, girls!

This is my happy song.
Only Gabe Bondoc can make me melt like butter on a cold gloomy night.
I need a wordy guy like him.
I need a sweet soul like him.
I just need Gabe Bondoc.

In love, yet?
He knows the right word to say to you, isn't it?
Girls, I am willing to share him.
I heart Gabe Bondoc!



Friday, March 20, 2009

Room Decoration..

Last weekend I re-decorated my room, bought a new mattress, bed frame, sheets and blanket. Never knew thing like this cost so much.. Take a look....

When I 1st moved into my apartment. Please ignore the mess, its part of moving.

And now......

I was pretty lucky because i didn't have to assemble the bed, god knows how long it would take me to do it . Thanks to my cousin's boyfriend and her cousin they put it together in an hour while me and my cousin watched confession of a shopaholic...:)

What should I do next, buy a new couch or air conditioner for the summer?



St. Patty's Day

"Wear Green or you'll get pinched " this slogan is associated with St. Patrick's day. An Irish celebration that is celebrate world wide on March 17,2009. St. Patrick's day is a day to drink up on the beer / get drunk. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to find some places that serves green beer. Never tried it though....At night, I attended this event. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay till it ended because I had to get up at 7am the next day to go back to work. BOo hoo.. I was dead tired the next day.

Dont i make a cute leprechaun

Something odd happen that night..

My life cross path with another individual that was totally unexpected.

Life is full of surprises...expect the unexpected


Monday, March 16, 2009

the silhouette speaks

That, that starts sweet ends bitter, and that which starts bitter ends sweet.


A beautiful silhouette standing, emitting a strong aura of confidence and satisfaction.
The silhouette grins at the audience as if it had won the game.
The audience stares at it in utmost envy and with full admiration.
But really, do they know?
Do they know the dark secrets of that black figuring standing in victorious?
Amidst the confidence and high self-esteem it holds the feeling of angst and loneliness secretly.

10 years has gone, why does it feel that way?
The pain and sorrow was never faced.
The silhouette believes that facing reality would arise more unwanted hears.
Is best to walk away.
But really, is that the answer?

There it was, erected on stage, all eyes on it.
That would not have made any difference.
A difference that could change the soul to great happiness.
A difference that could change the soul to be loved.
A difference that could change the soul to be appreciated.
Though it felt it before; but truly and dearly misses it.
And somehow, soon-to-be forgotten.

That silhouette prays day and night.
It prays for the pains and hurts.
It prays for the involved audience.
Importantly, it hopes that what use to lie beneath will emerge once more.
And that beautiful silhouette, will continue to live to impress its audience.
But now, with a full blown performance.
And that will be a great phenomenon!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

love of my life

Well my name is apples and I rock your world,
I'm also known as the Gucci girl,
Well I'm super cute and plenty bad,
30-26-36 and a half,
I hope that you will realize,
I got the hazel eyes that'll hypnotize;
And knock you to your knees,
Make you eat cheese,
You'll be so helpless
You'll be beggin' me...please.


Currently feeling pleased about my weekend. It was pleasant and well utilised! Finally, got some errands completed!
Procrastination is quite a deadly poison, I'd say!

Anyway, have you been listening to Fly FM? Well, I'm sure if you are an avid Fly FM listener, you would have heard about a promo on Puma's upcoming Ferrari party (not Fly FM Cash Call!) at Frangipani's on April 3. It's a free flow party cum fashion show as well as performances by Arabyrd. And if you are lucky, you'll stand a chance to win F1 Grand Stand tickets on April 5. Want an invite? :D I have 3 invites to giveaway.

Recently, Puma had a press conference inconjunction with its 10th Anniversary in Motorsport and introducing the latest Puma Ambassadors, Leona Chin (FYI: She's a drifter) and Fauziah Latiff (FYI: Malaysian Idol judge and she rides a Ducati bike). Since I am working for them, I had a chance to be apart of it. My first involvement in organising and witnessing a press conference! Positive aspect of working in Puma besides the free merchandise, meeting with very important people and understanding the media industry.

A fact about media people: they are the most luckiest people in the world. The perks they get when attending events are absolutely amazing. When I found out the things they get from such events, I was flabbergasted. Fortunate creatures! Plus, the service we have to provide for them has to be excellent because if you upset the media, they will boycott the brand which simply means, no write-up also known as no publicity. Hence, you are digging yourself six-feet underground! So, for those who are in media industry, have a jolly good time! Just be as snobbish as you want, at the end of the day, your clienteles will suck up - regardless!

Behind the scene:

What's an event without lifting boxes?
The best part, getting down and dirty with it!
And when it turns out a success, you'll feel that sense of self-satisfaction!
Puma had a sample sale for the media. Told you they were lucky creatures! Sample sale are dirt cheap! And I mean seriously, DIRT CHEAP! 400 pairs of shoes laid out just for them to have a shopping haven! Also including, apparels, accessories, and bags!
What more can they ask, aye?
Cheap shopping spree, goodie bags, and on top of that, free lunch!
I chose the menu, thankfully, it turned out alright!
DJ Daryl B, Puma Ambassador also the emcee for the day

Christal, Leona Chin and I in Ferrari gear
Malaysian diva, Fauziah Latiff and I
My colleague, Sya.
And other colleagues, Ivy and Farah.

After much planning and many, many discussions, the press conference was finally executed! And it turned out well. Media was happy, boss was happy, celebrities were happy. The next thing to look forward for - Puma Ferrari Party! And then, my job will be partially done!

Yes, partially, the other event I can't speak of it just yet.
But hint, hint, it has something to do with pimp your car!
Think, Tokyo Drift!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

boo sama saya!

And to say, being home alone is no fun - bullshit!


I've never written so much in the past 4 months.
Fingers are blistering.
Wrist is aching.
Back is hurting.
Eyes are pulsating.

These are the signs.
University life has begun, yet again!

Now I totally get why some parents object the notion about their kids working. They have the tendency to forgo their studies. Once money is at hand, the world just seems to revolves around it and others are just being disregarded. But worry not, I'm not going to choose work over education. Just a random food for thought!

Life is great with both, for me!
Juggling is my expertise.

By the way, I had a kicked ass collabro birthday party! Closest friends were there to share it with me. And I could not ask for more, it was fun with a capital A!
You know what I mean!


Oh, one more thing.
You think you can dance!
Nah, I don't think so!

Look out for the orange shorts boy!
Pure talent!
I so wish I was Filipino.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

pass 'GO' collect $200

And so, I'm back to square one!
But this time around, I can't collect "$200",
Feels like I am sent to jail and I've finished my 3 tries on dice.


all I can say, wow and thank you.


One word.



Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Of russian daisies, necklace, bikini, cakes and a bottle of good scent.
A sight of him would complete it.
Oh well.


Thankful that I am blessed with good company all the time. Be it with family or friends, I am truly grateful and deeply appreciated with what they have done for me on my most important day of the year. My birthday. I had it all. The pre-birthday, the "d" day, and soon-to-be post-birthday party.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone who has wished me. Really, I thank you! On facebook, via text message or face-to-face, thank you all oh-so-much! A big thanks to my UntitledAffair girls, to my other darling girls, to my boys and everyone else for celebrating and ushering the turning of age with me. Yes, hitting 20 is a big thing! The word teen can be scratched out!

Bet you are wondering what I did, huh? On the eve, I had a birthday countdown cum karaoke session with my friends. Thank you Bobo, for organising and treating me to it! Later that night, my parents surprised me with a small gathering at a family friend's place. I was flabbergasted! Didn't know my parents were capable of scheming and cooking up a plan with my friends! Thank you Dixon, for being a good cheeky sport!

On the 3rd itself, I woke up feeling much excited as it was the first day of uni. However, the excitement drained out, thanks to my first lecture, Marketing. Let's just say, it was not very pleasant. But then again, my day got very much better. Thanks to my uni-mates! Yet, another surprise in stored for me. A surprise gathering at Starbucks, and followed by cutting of cake at Asia Cafe. I believe, I was centre of attention thanks to the "soft harmonic" singing of my friends.

Yes, she's my love!

Had to endure another lecture, Principles of Broadcasting. Yawn. Next on the agenda, my friends and I headed to Pyramid for a movie. Watched Role Models. I fell asleep! (Note: I beg you, don't watch this in the cinema. Everything was bloody censored! Just buy the DVD. It's a good laugh feel kind of movie). Guess I was just too tired from the long day after 4 months of crap-doing. Anyway, it was a splendid day out with my uni friends. Boy, I was one lucky girl!

One of those days, when you feel like you are a princess! I had that.

Nightfall, I went out for dinner with just the boys at Picadilly. It was a very chilled night out. Nothing extreme, just enjoying the ambience and food. Came home and called it a night! And that was how I turned 20! A happy ending, I would call it :)

What's next?
The post birthday party!

I'm going to die.

Once again, thank you to each and everyone!
I am truly blessed!