Monday, March 30, 2009

unsuccessful move

Are we true to ourselves?



I'm sure many of you heard about the Earth Hour move. Initially, I was one of those that was very gung ho about getting involve. Spreading the news, wanting to go for the blackout party and what not. But then a friend of mine told me something and it really hit me. Got me thinking....

First of all, I'd like to say:
EARTH HOUR WAS BULLSHIT! (in Malaysia, that is)
On that very night, was driving pass Bukit Bintang, and guess what? My expectation would be, oh it's going to be dark - heck no, it was fucking bright! BEAMING BRIGHT! It didn't seem at all that Malaysia was one of those country involve in the movement.

Although, Malaysia's intentions were good about saving power and energy. Fight for the environment, but think again. Really, do we need to start on mother earth when we can't even solve our own country's social problem.

just to name a few...though it's only a few, but these has caused chaos in the country!
Parents are fearing for every child's safety.
Females are no longer being respected.
Males are trying to protect their better halves.

So ask me why again are we doing Earth Hour? It didn't even turn out that great. Yeah, so what. Radio stations were screaming on and on about it. It's just one of those opportunities that they are taking to have a "celebration" - a Blackout Party, is one. Another way to make more money. Silly of us to even partake in such a thing.

A friend of mine pointed this out to me. Ever wondered why in the United States Earth Hour is held at 8.30am? Well, I would say they are smart. And Malaysians, as always, try to be "unique" have it at 8.30pm. Firstly, streetlights are on during the night and it is definitely a no-no to switch it off because of road safety. So then, why even bother having it at night? Next, electricity is most consumed during the day because of office buildings. They use massive amount of light and air-cond. Doesn't it make sense to switch of your lights during the day. Don't talk about households, but instead on a larger scale. Think about it. Personally, I think it makes a whole lot of sense.

And this is the most obvious, why switch off your lights in the night. You can't see shit! You can't eat! You can't do anything. It is as if we are under a State of Emergency. So here we are, eating in darkness (which is totally stupid and pointless because I had to use my mobile phone to look through the menu), and the Americans, are having a good time eating in light - yes, mother nature's light. Smart, aye? Using nature at its best!

I know my rant now would not make any difference as it has already happened. But I really needed to make a point. Show how silly we, Malaysians can get. The point of having Earth Hour is to start a revolution. A revolution whereby Earthlings would be more conscious and aware about switching on a plug. But somehow over here, it became a fiesta. And sadly, a failed one! I'd say, start with the obvious problems we have rather than be a sad disciple of the Westerners. Sigh.


On a lighter note.
In my previous post, I mentioned about voting for a friend of my Jeevz.
Well guess what?
To those who have been so kind to spare 2 mins of your time and voting,
How so? Well Jeevz won!

Indeed, he did!
He bagged the award Best Hip Hop: Poppin feat. Kraft for AVIMA '09!
Not only that, he was placed in the same category with such established names like Joe Flizzow and Pop Shuvit. Evidently, he has become a rockstar. Yes, on par with other famous names. Better yet, he has gone one step higher by winning the award!

Well done, my friend!
You deserved it.
Now, go celebrate!


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Gallivanter said...

I agree, Earth Hour is hypocritical, but I think it's all about awareness, and what we could do collectively in the long run to create awareness.

Lots of ignorant people out there hence the lights in Bukit Bintang. :-)