Sunday, March 1, 2009

much appreciated

A good surprise creeps in when you least expect it!
And it makes that frown turn upside down, don't you agree?


Ever felt much appreciated and loved by the people around you? I felt that today. I had one of those down days, and thankfully enough made plans with my UntitledAffair girls for dinner. Note: Thinking the occasion was to celebrate our business anniversary. The girls decided to go to Madam Kwan's for dinner in Bangsar. Arrived at the location and BAM! I see two darlings of mine sitting down with a lit cake and SURPRISE!


Yes, my first surprise pre-birthday for the year. What a way to welcome March 2009! I was beyond awe, no suspicions or whatsoever. It was a heck of a surprise. They paid for dinner. I, thank you girls a lot! And apparently, they had plan the whole night for me. I, thank you girls again! After dinner, we headed to La Bodega for drinks and taboo! Yeah, baby! My love for board games, which they knew. It was so much fun! I, thank you girls heaps!

A beautiful night well spent. From the company to the food to the unforgettable moments. They really made my night much brighter. I heart them!

I, thank you girls.

thanks for the handmade birthday hat and for being super-uber understanding in everything from the time we've been friends. I'll always carry that piece of you in heart. The fondest memories we share, I shall always cherish.

what more can I say about you. Thanks for being there for me (my lonely times). We are like two peas in a pod. Our lives and personality are so similar. We've proven that opposites does not necessarily attract, aye? You are more than a uni-mate to me, you are ME! Thanks babe, for everything and I abso-fucking-lutely mean it!

thank you for being such a sweetheart. We share similar boy drama. But heck, it makes us stronger. My single lady, put your hands up! By the way, we totally rock socks in taboo, partner!

I guess I am ready.
Bring on the big 2-0!
Just 3 more sleeps.


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