Wednesday, March 11, 2009

boo sama saya!

And to say, being home alone is no fun - bullshit!


I've never written so much in the past 4 months.
Fingers are blistering.
Wrist is aching.
Back is hurting.
Eyes are pulsating.

These are the signs.
University life has begun, yet again!

Now I totally get why some parents object the notion about their kids working. They have the tendency to forgo their studies. Once money is at hand, the world just seems to revolves around it and others are just being disregarded. But worry not, I'm not going to choose work over education. Just a random food for thought!

Life is great with both, for me!
Juggling is my expertise.

By the way, I had a kicked ass collabro birthday party! Closest friends were there to share it with me. And I could not ask for more, it was fun with a capital A!
You know what I mean!


Oh, one more thing.
You think you can dance!
Nah, I don't think so!

Look out for the orange shorts boy!
Pure talent!
I so wish I was Filipino.


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