Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Of russian daisies, necklace, bikini, cakes and a bottle of good scent.
A sight of him would complete it.
Oh well.


Thankful that I am blessed with good company all the time. Be it with family or friends, I am truly grateful and deeply appreciated with what they have done for me on my most important day of the year. My birthday. I had it all. The pre-birthday, the "d" day, and soon-to-be post-birthday party.

First and foremost, I'd like to thank everyone who has wished me. Really, I thank you! On facebook, via text message or face-to-face, thank you all oh-so-much! A big thanks to my UntitledAffair girls, to my other darling girls, to my boys and everyone else for celebrating and ushering the turning of age with me. Yes, hitting 20 is a big thing! The word teen can be scratched out!

Bet you are wondering what I did, huh? On the eve, I had a birthday countdown cum karaoke session with my friends. Thank you Bobo, for organising and treating me to it! Later that night, my parents surprised me with a small gathering at a family friend's place. I was flabbergasted! Didn't know my parents were capable of scheming and cooking up a plan with my friends! Thank you Dixon, for being a good cheeky sport!

On the 3rd itself, I woke up feeling much excited as it was the first day of uni. However, the excitement drained out, thanks to my first lecture, Marketing. Let's just say, it was not very pleasant. But then again, my day got very much better. Thanks to my uni-mates! Yet, another surprise in stored for me. A surprise gathering at Starbucks, and followed by cutting of cake at Asia Cafe. I believe, I was centre of attention thanks to the "soft harmonic" singing of my friends.

Yes, she's my love!

Had to endure another lecture, Principles of Broadcasting. Yawn. Next on the agenda, my friends and I headed to Pyramid for a movie. Watched Role Models. I fell asleep! (Note: I beg you, don't watch this in the cinema. Everything was bloody censored! Just buy the DVD. It's a good laugh feel kind of movie). Guess I was just too tired from the long day after 4 months of crap-doing. Anyway, it was a splendid day out with my uni friends. Boy, I was one lucky girl!

One of those days, when you feel like you are a princess! I had that.

Nightfall, I went out for dinner with just the boys at Picadilly. It was a very chilled night out. Nothing extreme, just enjoying the ambience and food. Came home and called it a night! And that was how I turned 20! A happy ending, I would call it :)

What's next?
The post birthday party!

I'm going to die.

Once again, thank you to each and everyone!
I am truly blessed!

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