Tuesday, March 24, 2009

to be inked!

Girls like you, give other girls a bad name.
Sulk, bitch!


Anticipating for my new tattoo. Three is the charm.
Won't be something extravagant.
Think, galactic stars.
I really hope it turns out as what I imagine.

On a random subject:
Today, I'd like to share my happy song. I listen to it at least once a day be it whether I am sad, emotional, happy or bitter. It just makes me feel absolutely special!
Yes, every girl (guy too, I guess) has their own happy song that they listen to.
That song gives them that extra inch of happiness and confidence.
That song makes them smile that no guy or thing can do.
That song keeps them alive.
That song serenades them to bed.
And that song, will always be "that song".
You know what I mean, girls!

This is my happy song.
Only Gabe Bondoc can make me melt like butter on a cold gloomy night.
I need a wordy guy like him.
I need a sweet soul like him.
I just need Gabe Bondoc.

In love, yet?
He knows the right word to say to you, isn't it?
Girls, I am willing to share him.
I heart Gabe Bondoc!



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