Sunday, March 15, 2009

love of my life

Well my name is apples and I rock your world,
I'm also known as the Gucci girl,
Well I'm super cute and plenty bad,
30-26-36 and a half,
I hope that you will realize,
I got the hazel eyes that'll hypnotize;
And knock you to your knees,
Make you eat cheese,
You'll be so helpless
You'll be beggin' me...please.


Currently feeling pleased about my weekend. It was pleasant and well utilised! Finally, got some errands completed!
Procrastination is quite a deadly poison, I'd say!

Anyway, have you been listening to Fly FM? Well, I'm sure if you are an avid Fly FM listener, you would have heard about a promo on Puma's upcoming Ferrari party (not Fly FM Cash Call!) at Frangipani's on April 3. It's a free flow party cum fashion show as well as performances by Arabyrd. And if you are lucky, you'll stand a chance to win F1 Grand Stand tickets on April 5. Want an invite? :D I have 3 invites to giveaway.

Recently, Puma had a press conference inconjunction with its 10th Anniversary in Motorsport and introducing the latest Puma Ambassadors, Leona Chin (FYI: She's a drifter) and Fauziah Latiff (FYI: Malaysian Idol judge and she rides a Ducati bike). Since I am working for them, I had a chance to be apart of it. My first involvement in organising and witnessing a press conference! Positive aspect of working in Puma besides the free merchandise, meeting with very important people and understanding the media industry.

A fact about media people: they are the most luckiest people in the world. The perks they get when attending events are absolutely amazing. When I found out the things they get from such events, I was flabbergasted. Fortunate creatures! Plus, the service we have to provide for them has to be excellent because if you upset the media, they will boycott the brand which simply means, no write-up also known as no publicity. Hence, you are digging yourself six-feet underground! So, for those who are in media industry, have a jolly good time! Just be as snobbish as you want, at the end of the day, your clienteles will suck up - regardless!

Behind the scene:

What's an event without lifting boxes?
The best part, getting down and dirty with it!
And when it turns out a success, you'll feel that sense of self-satisfaction!
Puma had a sample sale for the media. Told you they were lucky creatures! Sample sale are dirt cheap! And I mean seriously, DIRT CHEAP! 400 pairs of shoes laid out just for them to have a shopping haven! Also including, apparels, accessories, and bags!
What more can they ask, aye?
Cheap shopping spree, goodie bags, and on top of that, free lunch!
I chose the menu, thankfully, it turned out alright!
DJ Daryl B, Puma Ambassador also the emcee for the day

Christal, Leona Chin and I in Ferrari gear
Malaysian diva, Fauziah Latiff and I
My colleague, Sya.
And other colleagues, Ivy and Farah.

After much planning and many, many discussions, the press conference was finally executed! And it turned out well. Media was happy, boss was happy, celebrities were happy. The next thing to look forward for - Puma Ferrari Party! And then, my job will be partially done!

Yes, partially, the other event I can't speak of it just yet.
But hint, hint, it has something to do with pimp your car!
Think, Tokyo Drift!


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