Monday, March 16, 2009

the silhouette speaks

That, that starts sweet ends bitter, and that which starts bitter ends sweet.


A beautiful silhouette standing, emitting a strong aura of confidence and satisfaction.
The silhouette grins at the audience as if it had won the game.
The audience stares at it in utmost envy and with full admiration.
But really, do they know?
Do they know the dark secrets of that black figuring standing in victorious?
Amidst the confidence and high self-esteem it holds the feeling of angst and loneliness secretly.

10 years has gone, why does it feel that way?
The pain and sorrow was never faced.
The silhouette believes that facing reality would arise more unwanted hears.
Is best to walk away.
But really, is that the answer?

There it was, erected on stage, all eyes on it.
That would not have made any difference.
A difference that could change the soul to great happiness.
A difference that could change the soul to be loved.
A difference that could change the soul to be appreciated.
Though it felt it before; but truly and dearly misses it.
And somehow, soon-to-be forgotten.

That silhouette prays day and night.
It prays for the pains and hurts.
It prays for the involved audience.
Importantly, it hopes that what use to lie beneath will emerge once more.
And that beautiful silhouette, will continue to live to impress its audience.
But now, with a full blown performance.
And that will be a great phenomenon!


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