Saturday, February 28, 2009

bad girl gone good

Gone green for 40!


4 months of fun it's coming to a halt. Time to change my lifestyle!
It only hit me that uni is starting when I read a friend's PM on MSN that the timetable has come out. Blimeys!

And guess what? I've got 3 days of classes only. Mondays and Thursdays are off! That I am glad, which means I am still able to work in Puma Malaysia.
Which also means, more income.
Which also means, a very happy me.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

of p*ssing and sh*tting

I am planning to go green.
And so, it's currently lunchtime at work. Should be out and feasting on a good meal. But I am on my detox regime, it's best to keep on track since I have successfully detoxed myself yesterday! Been pissing and shitting regularly. And that is a good sign. At least I know, my system is working well!
Got 2 more days to go!
I'm feeling healthy already - ok, maybe it's just me psyching myself. Heck, at least I am doing something to keep healthy, right?
Anyway, since I'm not at lunch, I'm blogging for my own amusement. Now, I've got nothing to say. Toodles.
What's your plan for tonight?
Urban Attic, maybe?
I'll be there.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

detox? not so.

I'll make you beg for more.
Just cause I'm spontaneous!


Today was a good day. Work was good. Weather was awful but heck, the after-rain effect - awesome! Anyway, I tried detoxing for the first time. I read in an article there are many ways to detox oneself. The vege diet. The fruit diet. The water fasting. The juice fasting. The tea diet. I resorted to the tea diet. Suppose to be drinking tea the whole day - restrain from any solids. JUST TEA. Japanese Green Tea to be exact.

Fast forward my day, I failed to detox. I end up craving for Bawang Merah's Meehoon Soto and Blueberry cake. And yes, I had it for lunch. So detox day #1 - FAILED! I'm going to try it tomorrow again. And hopefully, I'll have the will power to resist any sort of temptations or cravings.

Why detox? Well, I've been feeling awfully bad. Restless, tired, insomniac and unhealthy. I guess I needed a change. Planning to stick to my tea regime for at least 3 consecutive days. I can imagine my colon filled with crap, most of it alcohol! Hence, I need to detox for my well being. Don't want to end up having a 40-year old body when I am only 20.

So since I'm starting this diet of mine, care to join me? Do it for the sake of living healthy! Let's detox! But take my advice, google about detox first before getting into it. Do it the right way.

This is why, I need to detox - badly!

You name it.
Alcohol is everywhere.
In many shapes, in many sizes, in many colours.
At many locations, occasions, and at times, for no whatsoever reason!

But at the end of the day, alcohol brings us together!
The person you may hate the most, might end up being your best companion for the night. That's because when alcohol takes control over you, you are not who you are anymore; until the next morning, you'll realise - in which all is forgiven and forgotten.

Now, that's the best thing about alcohol.
Getting high and feeling so fly.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

has risen from the dead.

If you are a guy, just click the link!
It'll make me very happy.

If you are a girl, just have a look and possibly, buy!
It'll make me love you more.



Saturday, February 21, 2009

more holidays, please?

Moving forward?
Quite likely.


I find myself an oddly person. A normal sane person would get a job as soon as the holidays kick in, but for me it was otherwise. Work began in February, for me. And because of that, I am tangled and stuck. Should I continue whilst studying? As some of you might not know, I am working with Puma Malaysia in the Marketing team. Puma intends to keep me with them, but I for one, a workaholic can't seem to say no to them. Seeing that the holidays are coming to an end, I need to quit at least ONE of my jobs.

Juggling work and studies is never an issue for me. However, looking at the amount of jobs I am having, only god knows I will have time for education. Or even time for myself! Needless to say, I do love all of my work and that is why I am hesitant to let go any of it.

I need more time for myself.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quote of the day

"The future doesn't just happen-it's shaped by decisions."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

heart day

A note to my best friend quintessential :
Thanks for being there for me, for the advise and reality checks given along the way. From your actions I knew you cared. I will admit that you were right all along and I have been stubborn and hard headed. I couldn't accept it if i didn't take a chance. Now, I have fallen flat on my face , got bruised and lost hope. However, I am going to get up on my two feet with a different perspective of life thanks too you.. <>

"All the single ladies
Now put your hands up
Up in the club, we just broke up
I'm doing my own little thing
You decided to dip but now you wanna trip
Cause another brother noticed me".
Single yet again for another Valentine's day.. I have to admit had an awesome night out at the bar, partied with my friend Megan. Our friend who is a bar tender made us some great valentine "special " drink. I got tanked that's for sure. A certain someone did show up and made my day/night.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine whether you are in a relationship or single :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the day of love

Ah yes, the day of love - Val's day/ V day/ Valentine's day, whatever else you call it. It's the day where lovers show their feelings to each other and are being forced to shower each other with gifts. Obligations on Valentine's day. I pity men out there. Flowers for the ladies, dinner for the ladies, hotels for the ladies. It's the day where women get pampered, squeals of joy from receiving massive bouquet of flowers, dressing up for their men (sexy lingerie, costs a bomb!) and best of all, it's the day for just the two.

So here I am, a major sucker for love and all things romantic. Valentine's day has fallen on my feet and guess what? Endured my first Valentine's Day being single after many, many, many years. Well I must say, it was an experience! Not that there was any...but yeah, for the first time it was just weird altogether.

I must say, Valentine's Day is rather unfair. A day that does not favour the singletons. No, I am not being a pessimist about it, just stating the fact. Much to our expectation, we (the singletons) hope and pray for any sweet soul to be our valentine. On a random note, bars and clubs are using Valentine's day to earn extra income by organising singles party, speed dating and other money-making affairs. I can't believe they were charging cover charges on that day...sigh...some even, entrance fee. And that is why I personally think, Valentine's day isn't special anymore - too commercialised.

Anyway, back to my first-lonely-Valentine's-day. I treated it as just another Saturday. Sent my brother to the airport. He was leaving to Melbourne for his studies. Came home. And just drowned myself in movies. Watched three good movies in a row. Got out of my room and realised that it was already dark. Parents left the house for their own Valentine's day celebration. As for me, I had roti canai on Valentine's Day - alone - in my house - on my dining table. But during this lonely time at dinner, joy knocks on my door.

My phone rang. Answered it.
"Where are you?"
"At home. Why?"
"I'm outside, I have something for you"

Gleefully, opened my door. And there he was, holding a flower. Running late for his own date, he was nice enough to stop by and surprised me with a purple blooming flower. Thank you. Just for that moment I felt an inch of appreciation and love, but after that it was just back to me and my miserable roti canai. The night ended at Hello Bali, Sunway Pyramid with Kristen and I and a bottle of red wine. Not your average Valentine's Day huh!

As I remembered...girls use to compare how many flowers they got on Valentine's.
Here's my count.
From him.
From Mr. Anonymous.
From Kristen.

Thank you all.
It made me feel special!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

got pixie'd

Waiting patiently for cupid to strike me an arrow, or maybe waiting patiently for cupid to strike him an arrow for me.


My new do
And lovin' it!



Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all . .
~ Quoted from Snow white~

Have you ever looked into a mirror and see what you kind of person you have become? Reflect on the past and see how much you have changed or matured. Is this really you or something influenced you to become like this..? Chasing something you want so much can make you act without thinking.. Once the deed is done you sit at say to yourself who have I become?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

same ol' dilemma

The weekend was good. Celebrated a friend's birthday at Port Dickson. Will blog about that in more detail on my next post.

Anyway, currently having this dilemma. Well not quite a boy-girl dilemma or family problems but I am trying to decide what to do about my hair. I really need a haircut badly. I have the tendency to change my hair often. And this time around, I am tempted to go bald. But no one seems to be giving me any support. Got a feeling I might not do it in the end - temptations and guts are there but without any greenlight from my friends, guess not.



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Francais.. une belle langue

Bonjour, Comment allez-vous?
Je suis en train de prendre des cours de français à l'Université de Winnipeg

Hello, How are you?
I am currently taking french classes at the University of Winnipeg.

French , Francais...
The grammar of this language gives me a headache. Why can't it be as simple as the English language...
For example, The spelling of one word can change depending on how its used.
The main word etre but when used, the spelling differs.. damn
Je (I) = suis
Tu (you) = es
Vous (you) = etes
Il (he) = est
Elle (her)= est
On (it)= est
Nous (we) = sommes
Vous (a group)= etes
Ils (guys)= sont
Elles (girls)= sont
None of the word looks like the original word . That's not the only issue, have you heard of feminine and masculine word? :S this is hard, but anyways i will stop here..

Monday is not my favourite day of the week. I always have a hard time starting my week after the weekend. The day at work went by fairly quickly..Cant complain about that. After that, I went to check out a shoe/handbag boutique near my house.. Saw this pair of nine west heels.. loved it, but somehow hesitated to buy it as it was slightly pricey. Came home and discovered that my laptop fail me.. The stupid thing couldn't on. The lights came on as well as the processor's fan but my screen was pitch black.. I wasn't a happy camper that evening.. As i tried and tried to turn it on.. I started getting frustrated because i had a lot of pictures in it and its going to cost me $$$ to fix it or buy a new on. Then, I decided to watch sex in the city to relax. Not happening.Went to bed at 8. The funny thing was as I was trying to fall , I taught it would be so funny if i tried turning it on in the morning and it worked.AND IT DID... Weird huh.. That's my lame story :P

Attention Girls and guys (if you like Chic-flick)!!! Movie alert!!I cant wait to watch these 3 movies opening this month :
**He's just not that into you
**New in town
**Confession of a shopaholic..
Some photos of last weekend :)

Doesn't she look like barbie?

Enjoy this Country song, it's very popular in clubs as a sing along song :)

Beware: Explicit content LOL

~Gotta Jet~


Sunday, February 1, 2009

3 states in 13 hours

It started with one phone call from a friend, Kristen on Thursday, 29 Jan at 10.30pm:
"Babe, what are you doing?"
"Working, why? You?"
"I'm working also. Wanna go Port Dickson after work?"
"You mad ah?!"
"I am bored, let's go please..."

And so, the rest was history. It just happened. Yes, we are mad! After Euphoria, went to Kristen's house, changed and off we went. The victims: Anthony, Joo and me. A pit stop to 7-11 to stock up much needed essentials - food, alcohol and cigs. And the journey began at approximately 4am. In the car:

The entertainer for the night, I must say.

Arrived safely to Port Dickson. We drove about looking for a good spot. Settled on a beach. Laid the blanket. And the fun began. So, what do 4 random people do on an empty beach at 5am? Well, all we had were playing cards and our clothes on. And guess what? Another crazy friend of mine, Joo decided to play STRIP POKER. Yes, I repeat STRIP POKER. Again - STRIP poker. I looked at Kristen. Kristen looks at me. Heck, we agreed to terms.
(1) Guys strip to their boxers
(2) Girls strip to their lingeries. (think, bikini!)
(3) Accessories are considered a part to strip.
(4) Loser has to strip.
And then, the game began...mind you, the weather was chilly! What more can I say about the game...I'll leave the pictures to do the talking. Note: Some pictures are disturbing.

First person to strip, Anthony!
Second, Kristen!
And again, bottom's out!
Don't worry, he had his undies on.
Next up, bottom's off for her! Yes, Kristen 'it's exhausting being fabulous!'
Then, came Joo.
Note: He striped his pants before the game even started.

I guess he wanted to strip badly. Hence, he suggested the game.
The game ended with 3 very half naked people on the beach!
And wonder where am I?
My clothes were on the entire time.
The only things that were striped off were my ring and bracelet.
I had a good laugh!
After a mild wild game of strip poker. We changed it to DARE POKER. Loser has to perform a dare given by the winner. Clearly, the 3 of them were waiting for me to lose in hope to dare me to strip. And I have to admit...they succeeded!

No difference.
I still stripped in the end.
We played till the sun came up. After that, we just relaxed. Listened to the beautiful sound of the waves. Enjoyed the random moment. Tasted the salty air. The girls talked. As for the boys, one slept. One walked.

By 9am, our stomachs were demanding for food. We decided to leave the beach. Packed our stuff and headed to the car. The initial plan was to eat at Port Dickson and head home. But guess what? We ended up in Malacca an hour later! We thought, since the trip was random and crazy, we might as well go all out for it.

What's more? We generously went to pick another friend up from MFA. Nicholas. And he took us to eat the famous 'chicken rice ball' in Malacca town.

After lunch, we called it a day and FINALLY, decided to go home. Home sweet home - Subang Jaya! Come to think of it, I felt that this random trip was much needed. It's been too long since I've done crazy things like this. It was exhausting but somehow, I loved it! Nothing beats being in 3 states within 13 hours.

And they say, the world is small.
It surely is!