Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Francais.. une belle langue

Bonjour, Comment allez-vous?
Je suis en train de prendre des cours de français à l'Université de Winnipeg

Hello, How are you?
I am currently taking french classes at the University of Winnipeg.

French , Francais...
The grammar of this language gives me a headache. Why can't it be as simple as the English language...
For example, The spelling of one word can change depending on how its used.
The main word etre but when used, the spelling differs.. damn
Je (I) = suis
Tu (you) = es
Vous (you) = etes
Il (he) = est
Elle (her)= est
On (it)= est
Nous (we) = sommes
Vous (a group)= etes
Ils (guys)= sont
Elles (girls)= sont
None of the word looks like the original word . That's not the only issue, have you heard of feminine and masculine word? :S this is hard, but anyways i will stop here..

Monday is not my favourite day of the week. I always have a hard time starting my week after the weekend. The day at work went by fairly quickly..Cant complain about that. After that, I went to check out a shoe/handbag boutique near my house.. Saw this pair of nine west heels.. loved it, but somehow hesitated to buy it as it was slightly pricey. Came home and discovered that my laptop fail me.. The stupid thing couldn't on. The lights came on as well as the processor's fan but my screen was pitch black.. I wasn't a happy camper that evening.. As i tried and tried to turn it on.. I started getting frustrated because i had a lot of pictures in it and its going to cost me $$$ to fix it or buy a new on. Then, I decided to watch sex in the city to relax. Not happening.Went to bed at 8. The funny thing was as I was trying to fall , I taught it would be so funny if i tried turning it on in the morning and it worked.AND IT DID... Weird huh.. That's my lame story :P

Attention Girls and guys (if you like Chic-flick)!!! Movie alert!!I cant wait to watch these 3 movies opening this month :
**He's just not that into you
**New in town
**Confession of a shopaholic..
Some photos of last weekend :)

Doesn't she look like barbie?

Enjoy this Country song, it's very popular in clubs as a sing along song :)

Beware: Explicit content LOL

~Gotta Jet~


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