Sunday, February 1, 2009

3 states in 13 hours

It started with one phone call from a friend, Kristen on Thursday, 29 Jan at 10.30pm:
"Babe, what are you doing?"
"Working, why? You?"
"I'm working also. Wanna go Port Dickson after work?"
"You mad ah?!"
"I am bored, let's go please..."

And so, the rest was history. It just happened. Yes, we are mad! After Euphoria, went to Kristen's house, changed and off we went. The victims: Anthony, Joo and me. A pit stop to 7-11 to stock up much needed essentials - food, alcohol and cigs. And the journey began at approximately 4am. In the car:

The entertainer for the night, I must say.

Arrived safely to Port Dickson. We drove about looking for a good spot. Settled on a beach. Laid the blanket. And the fun began. So, what do 4 random people do on an empty beach at 5am? Well, all we had were playing cards and our clothes on. And guess what? Another crazy friend of mine, Joo decided to play STRIP POKER. Yes, I repeat STRIP POKER. Again - STRIP poker. I looked at Kristen. Kristen looks at me. Heck, we agreed to terms.
(1) Guys strip to their boxers
(2) Girls strip to their lingeries. (think, bikini!)
(3) Accessories are considered a part to strip.
(4) Loser has to strip.
And then, the game began...mind you, the weather was chilly! What more can I say about the game...I'll leave the pictures to do the talking. Note: Some pictures are disturbing.

First person to strip, Anthony!
Second, Kristen!
And again, bottom's out!
Don't worry, he had his undies on.
Next up, bottom's off for her! Yes, Kristen 'it's exhausting being fabulous!'
Then, came Joo.
Note: He striped his pants before the game even started.

I guess he wanted to strip badly. Hence, he suggested the game.
The game ended with 3 very half naked people on the beach!
And wonder where am I?
My clothes were on the entire time.
The only things that were striped off were my ring and bracelet.
I had a good laugh!
After a mild wild game of strip poker. We changed it to DARE POKER. Loser has to perform a dare given by the winner. Clearly, the 3 of them were waiting for me to lose in hope to dare me to strip. And I have to admit...they succeeded!

No difference.
I still stripped in the end.
We played till the sun came up. After that, we just relaxed. Listened to the beautiful sound of the waves. Enjoyed the random moment. Tasted the salty air. The girls talked. As for the boys, one slept. One walked.

By 9am, our stomachs were demanding for food. We decided to leave the beach. Packed our stuff and headed to the car. The initial plan was to eat at Port Dickson and head home. But guess what? We ended up in Malacca an hour later! We thought, since the trip was random and crazy, we might as well go all out for it.

What's more? We generously went to pick another friend up from MFA. Nicholas. And he took us to eat the famous 'chicken rice ball' in Malacca town.

After lunch, we called it a day and FINALLY, decided to go home. Home sweet home - Subang Jaya! Come to think of it, I felt that this random trip was much needed. It's been too long since I've done crazy things like this. It was exhausting but somehow, I loved it! Nothing beats being in 3 states within 13 hours.

And they say, the world is small.
It surely is!

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