Sunday, February 15, 2009

the day of love

Ah yes, the day of love - Val's day/ V day/ Valentine's day, whatever else you call it. It's the day where lovers show their feelings to each other and are being forced to shower each other with gifts. Obligations on Valentine's day. I pity men out there. Flowers for the ladies, dinner for the ladies, hotels for the ladies. It's the day where women get pampered, squeals of joy from receiving massive bouquet of flowers, dressing up for their men (sexy lingerie, costs a bomb!) and best of all, it's the day for just the two.

So here I am, a major sucker for love and all things romantic. Valentine's day has fallen on my feet and guess what? Endured my first Valentine's Day being single after many, many, many years. Well I must say, it was an experience! Not that there was any...but yeah, for the first time it was just weird altogether.

I must say, Valentine's Day is rather unfair. A day that does not favour the singletons. No, I am not being a pessimist about it, just stating the fact. Much to our expectation, we (the singletons) hope and pray for any sweet soul to be our valentine. On a random note, bars and clubs are using Valentine's day to earn extra income by organising singles party, speed dating and other money-making affairs. I can't believe they were charging cover charges on that day...sigh...some even, entrance fee. And that is why I personally think, Valentine's day isn't special anymore - too commercialised.

Anyway, back to my first-lonely-Valentine's-day. I treated it as just another Saturday. Sent my brother to the airport. He was leaving to Melbourne for his studies. Came home. And just drowned myself in movies. Watched three good movies in a row. Got out of my room and realised that it was already dark. Parents left the house for their own Valentine's day celebration. As for me, I had roti canai on Valentine's Day - alone - in my house - on my dining table. But during this lonely time at dinner, joy knocks on my door.

My phone rang. Answered it.
"Where are you?"
"At home. Why?"
"I'm outside, I have something for you"

Gleefully, opened my door. And there he was, holding a flower. Running late for his own date, he was nice enough to stop by and surprised me with a purple blooming flower. Thank you. Just for that moment I felt an inch of appreciation and love, but after that it was just back to me and my miserable roti canai. The night ended at Hello Bali, Sunway Pyramid with Kristen and I and a bottle of red wine. Not your average Valentine's Day huh!

As I remembered...girls use to compare how many flowers they got on Valentine's.
Here's my count.
From him.
From Mr. Anonymous.
From Kristen.

Thank you all.
It made me feel special!


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