Monday, December 22, 2008


It's been approximately 3 months since I last blogged. Needless to say, I got lazy. Really lazy. So yes, I've been missing from blogosphere but no worries, I've been around and still kicking. As soon as the holidays started, I just went all out. Hallelujah! Aside from drinking and partying every other day for the past 2 months, I finally gotten a part-time job.

I'll be working with NTV7's patrol team (somewhat like Hitz cruisers) come January 2009. Hooray! Something that I am very much keen to do. Events. Events. Events. Plus side of it, I'm getting paid! Ah...nothing beats getting paid and attending events at the same time.

Anyway, it's that time of the year. Christmas is coming. And so as the New Year. Gosh, 2008 just flew by. It was just yesterday when I celebrated my 19th birthday and now in 3 months time, I'm turning the big 20! I'm losing the "teen". Geez. Not sure whether I should feel good about that. Usually I am so comfortable being a "teen" because of my size. But after thinking it through, saying "I am 20" just doesn't seem to jive with my physical attributions. Oh well.

So every year I have this New Year Resolution thing in which I pray to always achieve. This time around I don't think I will be making a resolution list because I will not end up doing it. Hence, I have decided, I will just go with the flow. Things I intend to change/improve/eradicate/grow/etc I will gradually do it unconsciously. In that way, I wouldn't feel guilty if I do not achieve what I am suppose to.


moments like these, I thank for.

Friday, October 31, 2008

foul mood

Definitely, absolutely, oh-so-very pissed off. The day was pleasant, but the night was nonsense.
Went to work late.
Forgot my tag.
Stood outside of Euphoria.
Bloody workers wouldn't let me in.
Finally got in.
Lost my mood to work.
Didn't have friends for the night.
Left early.
Fought with brother.
And here I am, pissed as hell.

And the thought of enduring a hectic day tomorrow, just kills my hype.
Morning class @ 8 am.
Get stuck in the morning traffic.
Endure two lectures.
Postmortem meeting @ 12
Head to KL
Trying to calm myself down so that I can sleep peacefully tonight. I really need a dreamy-ful night. Think rainbows, sunshine and playgrounds. I have so many things up my head, I deserve a good dream. As much as I hate my day, I got to enjoy my cravings - Famous Amos Soft Cookies. (smiles)

Don't bother asking me what I'm doing.
I don't know myself. Wish I knew.
I find Halloween an American thing. Not so Malaysian.


moments like these, I thank for.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

somewhat bored

It's 10.37 am and I am wondering to myself what am I doing up so early. Plus, I slept late last night. Wonder how my body automatically wakes up in the morning? Tried to sleep back, but failed. Anyway, last night at work, I was rather disappointed that I sent out invites to my friends to come to Bar Club but no one turned up on my side. Thankfully, I received a call from a friend at 12.03 am, said he wants to come with his 5 other friends. That obviously made my day. Heck, I may not know who his friends are but so long as they come to check it out. I'd appreciate it. (smiles)

Soon after, I saw my friend and his 5 other friends.
I knew all of them!
My boys came for me, I was super bloody happy!
Thanks for coming boys.
They truly made my night.

Well that's pretty much what I did last night. And since I am somewhat bored, I guess I'll hit the assignments now and be a good student. Crap. Got work tonight, again!
Oh yes, I have decided on a new hobby - I want to make jewelry!
I don't know how,
I don't know with what,
but I just feel like making jewelry.
Care to venture?


moments like these, I thank for.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

diwali mode

Well, I should blog now, before my end semester assignments start to kick in. By then, I wouldn't even have the time to Facebook. The two days holiday did me well. Managed to catch up on some sleep and fixed my car (been procrastinating). I am just looking forward for a nice holiday trip to somewhere. I can so imagine myself lying on the beach, basking under sun and a beer in my hand.
What a sight.

It is amazing how multicultural Malaysia is. I always wondered. Even as a chinese, I get really excited when there is a festive season. Not for the fact there's a holiday. But the fact that you can go to open houses, enjoy the good food and the awesome company. I'm a sucker for festive seasons! Need to pack my closet with all the traditional costumes. So I can get into the mood.
Hari Raya has finished.
Diwali has finished.
It's time for Christmas, babeh!
Uber excited!

Pre-Diwali @ Euphoria

My Starbucks familia
Alvin + Jason (the boss) + Alvin's girlfriend + Madeline + Lish

Diwali @ Sheng's crib

Eve + Mandy + Andrew + Sheng + Dee Dee + Jon

Jin + Raimi + Lish + Cindy

Because of this,
I miss high school.

Diwali @ Sac's & Romeo's crib

Meet Sac

Meet Anusha (doesn't she look like Chris love?)
Meet Tony
We played hide-and-seek.
Super adorable!

Next event to look forward for.
Halloween, 31st October!
What's your plan?

I hate the weather in Malaysia. Why-oh-why do I have to endure this? One minute it's raining cats and dogs. The next, it's hot like hell! And because of that my body temperature has been playing tricks with me.
Hence, I have fallen sick!
Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I need to get anti-bacterial wipes. Bah!
P/S: Tiffy, if you're reading this - I MISS YOU!
Thanks for calling me all the way from Winnipeg.


moments like these, I thank for.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

i hate rain

As you know monsoon season is in. So much for the hot-summer-feel-tropic-season Malaysia is "supposed" to be famous for. Yet, the rain this month never fails to stop. Wish I could be mother nature's best friend and tell her not to rain on certain days when I wish for the bright beaming sun. Sigh. The rain has caused me to fall sick, again. But heck, that never stopped me from enjoying the good life and getting wet.

The last 2 weeks I've been out and about with on-going assignments, the preparation of Media Carnival '08 and friendly gatherings. I so can't wait for the semester to end and just relax thoroughly. And when that happens, it's pampering time!

Don't seem to have the mood to blog today. So pictures shall do the talking.

Tania's birthday @ Bar Club, KL

Happy birthday, Tania!

Hari Raya @ Bobo's crib

Aunty Elita and I
The boys and their mama

Diana + Lish

UntitledAffair's Anniversary @ Souled Out

It all started with a decent conversation Irene love and I had.
"I feel like opening my own online boutique. Wanna join venture?"
"I'm up for it, babes"
Then there were two of us. More like we planned it ages ago. We finally kicked start in June 2008. And we thought, why don't we recruit two more girls. The more, the merrier, aye!
Then Delaine love came into the picture...
...and lastly, our oh-so-efficient money manager, Amanda love.
In no time, Untitled Affair was born.
Date of Birth: 27 July 2008
Age: 4 months and counting
Motto in life: We don't design clothes, we design dreams
Here we are today, we're going to make a difference.
I love you girls.

Though we only had a casual dinner. But the time spent, priceless! Many many more affairs to come. Yes, we plan to rule the world!
Miss Independent(s)!

Anyway, people enjoy your weekend!


moments like these, I thank for.

Monday, October 13, 2008

happy can i?

It's an awesome-effin-happy day today! Though I am sleep deprived for two days. But it was all worth it. Handing in my assignment at sharp 10 am was really a breath of fresh air. And now, I can go for my much needed massage and late night mamak sessions.

Last Wednesday, Chris love called for a girls' night out to Zazu, Sunway Lagoon. Apparently every Wednesdays, they give out free flow of vodka shots to ladies only (ladies, we are sexually lucky!). So the girls: Chris love, Shoma, Reesh and I decided to check that place out. Managed to grab a bite at Borneo Rainforest.
(Note: Please do not ever order their signature pizza. Ever! It absolutely sucks. Taste like bread with cheese. Thank god for tabasco sauce!)

Then off we went to Sunway Lagoon, and as we are taking the escalator down, the guard stops us.
"Sudah tutuplah. Tak ada orang!"

Oh damn! The much anticipated vodka shots turned out to be a bummer. Oh well. We plan to check it out next time. Somehow, we ended up in Euphoria (yawn). But hey, thankfully music was great and with the right company the night ended up pretty fun. Dance, dance, dance!

The waiter accidentally took this.
Looked pretty good.

Anyway, I want to promote this upcoming event organized by the mass comm students of UniSA Yr 1 Sem 2.
It's called Media Carnival '08.
Date: October 18, 2008, Saturday
Time: 2.00pm - 6.00pm
Venue: Taylor's College Petaling Jaya
What to look forward for?
Well, there will be lots of games, food and performances. And for those online boutique lovers, there will be about 13 e-boutiques there, selling their goodies.
Do come and join the fun! And best of all
All the more reasons to come right?! Support us!


moments like these, I thank for