Monday, October 13, 2008

happy can i?

It's an awesome-effin-happy day today! Though I am sleep deprived for two days. But it was all worth it. Handing in my assignment at sharp 10 am was really a breath of fresh air. And now, I can go for my much needed massage and late night mamak sessions.

Last Wednesday, Chris love called for a girls' night out to Zazu, Sunway Lagoon. Apparently every Wednesdays, they give out free flow of vodka shots to ladies only (ladies, we are sexually lucky!). So the girls: Chris love, Shoma, Reesh and I decided to check that place out. Managed to grab a bite at Borneo Rainforest.
(Note: Please do not ever order their signature pizza. Ever! It absolutely sucks. Taste like bread with cheese. Thank god for tabasco sauce!)

Then off we went to Sunway Lagoon, and as we are taking the escalator down, the guard stops us.
"Sudah tutuplah. Tak ada orang!"

Oh damn! The much anticipated vodka shots turned out to be a bummer. Oh well. We plan to check it out next time. Somehow, we ended up in Euphoria (yawn). But hey, thankfully music was great and with the right company the night ended up pretty fun. Dance, dance, dance!

The waiter accidentally took this.
Looked pretty good.

Anyway, I want to promote this upcoming event organized by the mass comm students of UniSA Yr 1 Sem 2.
It's called Media Carnival '08.
Date: October 18, 2008, Saturday
Time: 2.00pm - 6.00pm
Venue: Taylor's College Petaling Jaya
What to look forward for?
Well, there will be lots of games, food and performances. And for those online boutique lovers, there will be about 13 e-boutiques there, selling their goodies.
Do come and join the fun! And best of all
All the more reasons to come right?! Support us!


moments like these, I thank for

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