Sunday, October 5, 2008

a decent craving

My hols have officially ended. Come, this Monday university life will kick in, yet again.
Anyway, here's what I've been up to:

1st week of semester break

As soon as my holidays began, I already had things to do. No! It's not turning myself into a party queen but as some of you might know, my business partners and I had a booth to open at The Gossip Event 2008 located at Asia Cafe. Prior to the day of the event, there were things to catch up on: restocking, checking, listing, arranging and buying. That event itself, has occupied my days and nights. Despite the oddly weather last week, UntitledAffair managed well and we were very much pleased with the outcome. (grins)
It's a mark for many more bazaars that we will be in!

Day 1 - 24th September, Wednesday:

Meet the neighbour - Baci!

Day 2 - 25th September, Thursday:

When boredom strikes, I would say "Started-lah!"

Day 3 - 26th September, Friday:

My lovelies.
Meet Delaine + Irene + Lish + Amanda
As we wait patiently for the rain to subside.
What better way, but to camwhore!

Then came Hennessy Artistry @ Orange Club, KL
Meet Ling + Lish

Meet Trevor + Ling + Lish + Jay Mee

Meet Rolan + Lish

The boys.
Meet Nelvie + Trevor + Acap + Sac + Ram
Last but not least, meet SHAYNE WARD!
If that's okay with you.

2nd week of semester break

Did pretty much - nothing. Bummed around the house, hangout here and there. Mostly just wasting precious time in which I could have used to complete my piled up assignments. But like I said, a holiday is meant to be a holiday (smiles). Well, that was it. Aside from work and loitering, didn't do anything productive. Sigh.

Know him?
Reefa, Malaysian Rapper/Singer/Actor

I am in dire need of a full body massage!
Any takers?


moment like these, I thank for.

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