Sunday, October 26, 2008

i hate rain

As you know monsoon season is in. So much for the hot-summer-feel-tropic-season Malaysia is "supposed" to be famous for. Yet, the rain this month never fails to stop. Wish I could be mother nature's best friend and tell her not to rain on certain days when I wish for the bright beaming sun. Sigh. The rain has caused me to fall sick, again. But heck, that never stopped me from enjoying the good life and getting wet.

The last 2 weeks I've been out and about with on-going assignments, the preparation of Media Carnival '08 and friendly gatherings. I so can't wait for the semester to end and just relax thoroughly. And when that happens, it's pampering time!

Don't seem to have the mood to blog today. So pictures shall do the talking.

Tania's birthday @ Bar Club, KL

Happy birthday, Tania!

Hari Raya @ Bobo's crib

Aunty Elita and I
The boys and their mama

Diana + Lish

UntitledAffair's Anniversary @ Souled Out

It all started with a decent conversation Irene love and I had.
"I feel like opening my own online boutique. Wanna join venture?"
"I'm up for it, babes"
Then there were two of us. More like we planned it ages ago. We finally kicked start in June 2008. And we thought, why don't we recruit two more girls. The more, the merrier, aye!
Then Delaine love came into the picture...
...and lastly, our oh-so-efficient money manager, Amanda love.
In no time, Untitled Affair was born.
Date of Birth: 27 July 2008
Age: 4 months and counting
Motto in life: We don't design clothes, we design dreams
Here we are today, we're going to make a difference.
I love you girls.

Though we only had a casual dinner. But the time spent, priceless! Many many more affairs to come. Yes, we plan to rule the world!
Miss Independent(s)!

Anyway, people enjoy your weekend!


moments like these, I thank for.

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