Wednesday, October 29, 2008

diwali mode

Well, I should blog now, before my end semester assignments start to kick in. By then, I wouldn't even have the time to Facebook. The two days holiday did me well. Managed to catch up on some sleep and fixed my car (been procrastinating). I am just looking forward for a nice holiday trip to somewhere. I can so imagine myself lying on the beach, basking under sun and a beer in my hand.
What a sight.

It is amazing how multicultural Malaysia is. I always wondered. Even as a chinese, I get really excited when there is a festive season. Not for the fact there's a holiday. But the fact that you can go to open houses, enjoy the good food and the awesome company. I'm a sucker for festive seasons! Need to pack my closet with all the traditional costumes. So I can get into the mood.
Hari Raya has finished.
Diwali has finished.
It's time for Christmas, babeh!
Uber excited!

Pre-Diwali @ Euphoria

My Starbucks familia
Alvin + Jason (the boss) + Alvin's girlfriend + Madeline + Lish

Diwali @ Sheng's crib

Eve + Mandy + Andrew + Sheng + Dee Dee + Jon

Jin + Raimi + Lish + Cindy

Because of this,
I miss high school.

Diwali @ Sac's & Romeo's crib

Meet Sac

Meet Anusha (doesn't she look like Chris love?)
Meet Tony
We played hide-and-seek.
Super adorable!

Next event to look forward for.
Halloween, 31st October!
What's your plan?

I hate the weather in Malaysia. Why-oh-why do I have to endure this? One minute it's raining cats and dogs. The next, it's hot like hell! And because of that my body temperature has been playing tricks with me.
Hence, I have fallen sick!
Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I need to get anti-bacterial wipes. Bah!
P/S: Tiffy, if you're reading this - I MISS YOU!
Thanks for calling me all the way from Winnipeg.


moments like these, I thank for.

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