Tuesday, July 14, 2009

UFC and Motorcross

My weekend of sports...

Saturday :Lounge, relax and watch the fights with my family.

It's so much fun when everyone gets together, munch on chips and pizza and hit the bottle.

If you get a chance to watch the UFC100 you should it was very good.

Below is a preview of the the fights.

If you watch the video here is the result of the fight:

Bisping vs Henderson : Henderson won with a Knock out.
George St.Pierre vs Thiago : George St. Piere won ( Yeay! He is my fav. fighter , plus he is from canada)
Lesner vs Mir : Lesner won (dont want to mess with this big guy)

Sunday: Motor Cross

Left the house at 5:30 am to watch motor cross on a Sunday. We drove an hour to get to the tracks to watch my cousin Pam's boyfriend race.

I was very interesting and fun. Plus, alot of topless guy ;) ahaha It was my first time watching this sport in real life. This is a very expensive hobby, but the crowd turn up was awesome. There were about 150 racers at this event from the ages of 5 all the way up to 50 maybe. There were girls who raced too.I was so shock to see kids so young riding on their mini dirt bike going up and down the track. It looks easy but the outcome when something goes terribly wrong is insane. We witness an accident where a boy in his teens was jumping then his bike did a turn in the air he crashed and the racer behind him jump off the slope and crash right in to him. Luckily the boy didn't die but he had to ride in the ambulance to the nearest hospital.

Scott in his gear all ready to race

Group : Ages 7-8

1-2-3 GO!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

the king of pop

This is a tribute.
RIP Michael Joseph Jackson.

"You are definitely not alone"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


You're a year older,
And a lot more wiser;
It's that time of the year,
Best to share it with 'em peers.

May your dreams do come true,
And many other wishes too;
Hope you enjoyed the cappuccino pie,
Just wait, there are more to come before your eye.

Once again, as I bid goodbye,
I'd like to wish you one more time;
Just take a break, and enjoy your day!

It's yours.
You deserve it.

Love always,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

just can't get any better

It begins with the typical Monday blues. Waking up was a terror. Dragging my feet out of the bed was hard to begin with, then realising my eyes were sealed. Literally. I shall not be descriptive as to how my eyes were 'sealed' because it will definitely gross you out. Got into the shower. Cleaned the eyes and decided to go to uni, at the same time monitor my eye condition.

Day went by fairly well. Eyes were tearing and then by mid-day, I had the flu. When nightfall, the sorethroat kicked in. I was in bad shape. And I was contemplating whether to go to uni the following day for a workshop. Tuesday morning came, things were a little "better" for my flu and cough except this time - my left eye and my left cheek swelled. I looked like the villain Two-Face. Bad. Bad. Bad.

And to top it all - Auntie Rose paid me a visit. Yes, out of all 31 days in May, Auntie Rose had to arrive that very morning. Giving me the worst cramps ever.
So there I was, things just can't get any better:
Swollen left eye
Swollen left cheek
Auntie Rose's appearance

It seemed like each virus and condition were fighting for my attention. Utterly painful. Felt like stabbing my stomach. Felt like forking out my eye. Felt like scrubbing my entire lungs and throat. Felt like unscrewing my nose and throw it into the washing machine. Imagining the unimaginable.

By far the "best" week of the year.
Talk about being human.
That's human enough, alright.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Cough, cough.
Sniff, sniff.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It was a normal Saturday... Came to the store to give my uncle a hand. My cousin Pam was like Tiffany something came for you.. I said What is it? as I wasn't expecting anything. She pass me this... SEE BELOW

AWW... SO SWEET .. My Besties sent me a postcard out of the blue it sure made my whole weekend..
Can't imagine how many people read the postcard on the way to Canada..
Btw lish when my cousin saw the card, she instantly saw the word F*** on the front she was thinking what kind of postcard it was..lol
She taught it I had awesome friends
:) <3

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Enjoy yourself, babe!
Many happy returns of the day.
God bless.
I love you!



Sunday, May 10, 2009

one of those days

I'm having 'one of those days'. The reason why I called it as 'one of those days' is because it hits me gradually, and then I figure out, "Oh! It's one of those days!" So I woke up this morning, with a terrible headache. Thanks to the night before. Walked out of my room and found the house dead silent. Parents have gone to Malacca for a day trip. Joy.

And it was the best feeling ever. Not that I hate being with people around the house but I enjoy being home alone. So my 'one of those days' began at 11am. Didn't bother to freshen up myself, I head straight for the television. And there I was, being a typical couch potato. No lunch. No drinks. Just me and my TV. Watched marathon programmes one after another. From Friends to Australia's Next Top Model to THS.

Wished my parents could subscribe Nickeledeon, Cartoon Network and those Fun shows.
I'd feel like a kid again.

Cause I love cartoons!

Also, managed to watch DVD. Finally watched the movie, Taken. Been hearing such good reviews about it. Finally I am able to take time off and enjoyed it. Yes, it was a damn good move! BLOODY GOOD! I cried. I know I am a cry baby when it comes to movies. I can even cry when watching 'The Biggest Loser'. I feel the sudden sadness when I see those people sweating out and suffering through their workouts. It pays to be who you are, sometimes. Oh well...that's life.

My 'one of those days' just continued to be unproductive. More television. No one called me out. Maybe it was a sign to just stay home. Or maybe, nobody wants me. That showed a sign of paranoia kicking in. 'One of those days' just got me feeling a tad lonely. Well a tad, is a lie. I was damn lonely. Best friend was not online. The other best friend was out with her better half. And here I was, drowning my lonely sorrows in front of the television, just like how Rachel from Friends felt total lonesome when she heard Ross was getting married to Emily (one of the episodes I watched). Sigh.

But I must say, my 'one of those days' ended up pretty okay. I guess having some alone time to myself wasn't that bad after all. It did me well. Isolation is good at times.
I laughed.
I cried.
I danced.
I slept.
and best of all, I had time for me.

So it turns out, 'one of those days' is very much needed. However, I can't imagine having 'one of those days' everyday. I'd be a miserable fart. I need colours in my life.

Would you be my artiste?
Cause I am a canvas, waiting to be made into a masterpiece.