Wednesday, May 20, 2009

just can't get any better

It begins with the typical Monday blues. Waking up was a terror. Dragging my feet out of the bed was hard to begin with, then realising my eyes were sealed. Literally. I shall not be descriptive as to how my eyes were 'sealed' because it will definitely gross you out. Got into the shower. Cleaned the eyes and decided to go to uni, at the same time monitor my eye condition.

Day went by fairly well. Eyes were tearing and then by mid-day, I had the flu. When nightfall, the sorethroat kicked in. I was in bad shape. And I was contemplating whether to go to uni the following day for a workshop. Tuesday morning came, things were a little "better" for my flu and cough except this time - my left eye and my left cheek swelled. I looked like the villain Two-Face. Bad. Bad. Bad.

And to top it all - Auntie Rose paid me a visit. Yes, out of all 31 days in May, Auntie Rose had to arrive that very morning. Giving me the worst cramps ever.
So there I was, things just can't get any better:
Swollen left eye
Swollen left cheek
Auntie Rose's appearance

It seemed like each virus and condition were fighting for my attention. Utterly painful. Felt like stabbing my stomach. Felt like forking out my eye. Felt like scrubbing my entire lungs and throat. Felt like unscrewing my nose and throw it into the washing machine. Imagining the unimaginable.

By far the "best" week of the year.
Talk about being human.
That's human enough, alright.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Cough, cough.
Sniff, sniff.

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