Sunday, May 10, 2009

one of those days

I'm having 'one of those days'. The reason why I called it as 'one of those days' is because it hits me gradually, and then I figure out, "Oh! It's one of those days!" So I woke up this morning, with a terrible headache. Thanks to the night before. Walked out of my room and found the house dead silent. Parents have gone to Malacca for a day trip. Joy.

And it was the best feeling ever. Not that I hate being with people around the house but I enjoy being home alone. So my 'one of those days' began at 11am. Didn't bother to freshen up myself, I head straight for the television. And there I was, being a typical couch potato. No lunch. No drinks. Just me and my TV. Watched marathon programmes one after another. From Friends to Australia's Next Top Model to THS.

Wished my parents could subscribe Nickeledeon, Cartoon Network and those Fun shows.
I'd feel like a kid again.

Cause I love cartoons!

Also, managed to watch DVD. Finally watched the movie, Taken. Been hearing such good reviews about it. Finally I am able to take time off and enjoyed it. Yes, it was a damn good move! BLOODY GOOD! I cried. I know I am a cry baby when it comes to movies. I can even cry when watching 'The Biggest Loser'. I feel the sudden sadness when I see those people sweating out and suffering through their workouts. It pays to be who you are, sometimes. Oh well...that's life.

My 'one of those days' just continued to be unproductive. More television. No one called me out. Maybe it was a sign to just stay home. Or maybe, nobody wants me. That showed a sign of paranoia kicking in. 'One of those days' just got me feeling a tad lonely. Well a tad, is a lie. I was damn lonely. Best friend was not online. The other best friend was out with her better half. And here I was, drowning my lonely sorrows in front of the television, just like how Rachel from Friends felt total lonesome when she heard Ross was getting married to Emily (one of the episodes I watched). Sigh.

But I must say, my 'one of those days' ended up pretty okay. I guess having some alone time to myself wasn't that bad after all. It did me well. Isolation is good at times.
I laughed.
I cried.
I danced.
I slept.
and best of all, I had time for me.

So it turns out, 'one of those days' is very much needed. However, I can't imagine having 'one of those days' everyday. I'd be a miserable fart. I need colours in my life.

Would you be my artiste?
Cause I am a canvas, waiting to be made into a masterpiece.


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