Thursday, February 26, 2009

of p*ssing and sh*tting

I am planning to go green.
And so, it's currently lunchtime at work. Should be out and feasting on a good meal. But I am on my detox regime, it's best to keep on track since I have successfully detoxed myself yesterday! Been pissing and shitting regularly. And that is a good sign. At least I know, my system is working well!
Got 2 more days to go!
I'm feeling healthy already - ok, maybe it's just me psyching myself. Heck, at least I am doing something to keep healthy, right?
Anyway, since I'm not at lunch, I'm blogging for my own amusement. Now, I've got nothing to say. Toodles.
What's your plan for tonight?
Urban Attic, maybe?
I'll be there.

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