Wednesday, February 25, 2009

detox? not so.

I'll make you beg for more.
Just cause I'm spontaneous!


Today was a good day. Work was good. Weather was awful but heck, the after-rain effect - awesome! Anyway, I tried detoxing for the first time. I read in an article there are many ways to detox oneself. The vege diet. The fruit diet. The water fasting. The juice fasting. The tea diet. I resorted to the tea diet. Suppose to be drinking tea the whole day - restrain from any solids. JUST TEA. Japanese Green Tea to be exact.

Fast forward my day, I failed to detox. I end up craving for Bawang Merah's Meehoon Soto and Blueberry cake. And yes, I had it for lunch. So detox day #1 - FAILED! I'm going to try it tomorrow again. And hopefully, I'll have the will power to resist any sort of temptations or cravings.

Why detox? Well, I've been feeling awfully bad. Restless, tired, insomniac and unhealthy. I guess I needed a change. Planning to stick to my tea regime for at least 3 consecutive days. I can imagine my colon filled with crap, most of it alcohol! Hence, I need to detox for my well being. Don't want to end up having a 40-year old body when I am only 20.

So since I'm starting this diet of mine, care to join me? Do it for the sake of living healthy! Let's detox! But take my advice, google about detox first before getting into it. Do it the right way.

This is why, I need to detox - badly!

You name it.
Alcohol is everywhere.
In many shapes, in many sizes, in many colours.
At many locations, occasions, and at times, for no whatsoever reason!

But at the end of the day, alcohol brings us together!
The person you may hate the most, might end up being your best companion for the night. That's because when alcohol takes control over you, you are not who you are anymore; until the next morning, you'll realise - in which all is forgiven and forgotten.

Now, that's the best thing about alcohol.
Getting high and feeling so fly.


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