Wednesday, January 28, 2009

am i an old cow?

You must be wondering why am I referring myself to an animal. Worst of all, a cow. In my lowly days, like today...I usually find myself comfortably tucked in at home and not wanting to step outdoors. Hence, I resort to lying in bed all day with good movies and comforting food. You might be wondering what does my activity for the day has anything to do with me being an old cow, right?

Well, I was watching this old chick flick film, Someone Like You. Ashley Judd. Hugh. Jackman. And Greg Kinnear. Found it in my dad's DVD collection. And since, I've watched almost every DVD in the house...I might as well watch the film since I have not seen it yet. Which I'm sure some of you might have. So you'll know what I am actually talking about.

I shall not bother to tell you the synopsis of the film. However, what I want to mention is that the film did bring up some very good theories about men. I must say, the film is very feminist with a twist. The show depicts men as cows - male cows, to be precise also known as bulls. Apparently, the theory states that a bull will never mate a female cow twice. Once the bull has "done" the female cow, it is known as an old cow. Therefore, leaving the bull to mate a new cow.

Similarly, in the movie it shows that men are like bulls. Do one. Yawn. Leave old. Take new. So this movie got me thinking...does it really apply to reality? I have heard of stories whereby some guys do actually act like bulls. Don't worry I am not stereotyping men...what I am trying to say is that, will it happen to me? Me, being the old cow? Or me being the new cow, and then becoming old? I'm too young to even be thinking about this things. Somehow, the movie just got me's good to be the new cow, but heck, it wouldn't make any difference because you'll end up being the old cow! So what then...will I ever meet a "true bull"?

or can I just be a sheep?



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