Monday, January 26, 2009

Introducing the new comer

Very nice... ! Great work on the banner lish.
Well, as promise my 1st blog on this site. For those who dont know me, I am tiffany and I currently live in Canada.
Here is my story...

I have been busy the pass six nights.. Its insane but I shall not complain. Yesterday, I went to Stereo,an old nightclub that had been renovated with a new high polish image previously known as phroahs. Its freaking crazy on a saturday, what i mean by that is the line up for this place starts at 8:30 pm.. who goes to the bar at that hour? Damn I sure did, my friends and I got there about 8:50 pm. and there was a bloody long lineup. 3 party busses..damn. We linedup for 20 minutes in the -30 something weather. Oh was our feet frozen. Its pure touture for those who were wearing short dresses and not wearing stockings. That was way to bad start the night. But after that, the night went great . The place was pack and the music was great. See one thing unique about this bar is that they have plasma tv and projectors all over the bar almost every inch. Every so often they will zoom in on people on the dance floor and you can see yourself on the wall all over the bar if you are lucky.

This is the funny part. They played this song called" I like big butts and I cannot lie " they zoomed in on girls asses that were dancing on the booty box. However, girls here wear really really short dresses . So, there was this girl who was dancing and shaking her ass not knowing that her ass was projected on to the walls all over the bar and everyone who was looking can see her underwear depending on how she shaked. Sadly, she turned around and we could see her butt checks.. oh boi.. she is lucky cause half the people there was drunk or tipsy. So embrassing.

The bar had maybe about 1,000 people. So, we decided to get out coats an hour before the bar closes. It took us 50 minutes to get our coat. Brutal, standing in line getting restless , feet in pain, squash... not a good thing. It killed the night. I am definately not going to that bar again until summer comes along.. All in all we did have a good time..

Megan and I

This picture is from friday night at Whiskey Dix..
Danielle and I

A little preview of the club.

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