Monday, September 15, 2008

fact of life #1

I just realized I have many philosophies about life. Not my life in particular. But life in general. On its own. I shall try my best to refrain myself to have an emotional blog. Seeing that most of my posts are parties, my likings and my doings. And this shall not be my first. For my first entry on the fact of life, I shall state something I've experienced today. (Note: I may not be a psychologically-well-trained expert, but it's something I should share to all my devoted readers)

Have you ever felt alone? Yes, I'm sure you might have. Alone in this context refers to being pushed or ditched aside. Let me put this in a positive perspective. PEOPLE! Yes, people, you need not worry about feeling lonely. Lonely is just a part of an obstacle. Trust me on this. I've been there done that. In fact, being lonely is good at times because then you can find yourself.

Commit yourself to understand your inner feelings. Your well-being. Loneliness is just another part for you to understand yourself better. Clears your clouded head with empty thoughts which eventually (I hope) it will lead you to something peaceful. Or sometimes you might end up being depressive. But that's a whole new different story (laughs). Life isn't worth sulking for. There's plenty to see, there's plenty to venture out for and there's plenty for all to witness! Sulking just makes you an outcast because you are deprive from the beauties of this thing we call - earth!

Oh! Let me stress on this. If you ever feel pushed aside or left alone, don't bother! Sometimes I wonder, why do I even bother too? Friends come and go. It's a fact! (smiles) Look at the brighter side. Losing a friend beats making more friends. Hands down! And there are those friends which you can always count on, regardless. Remember you will never stand alone, even if you think or feel about it. Because even the most loneliest prisoner or the most poorest beggar or the unloved orphans have someone to count on. And that is only for each and every one of us to realize.

Think about it? So, the next time if you feel that inch of sadness creeping into your mind and heart, remember, there are people who still cares. Whether they show it or not, they do! They are either one call away, one hug away, one shoulder away, one kiss away, one house away, one "whatever" away - loneliness just gets better in time, eventually...and that's a promise!

Fact of Life #1


moments like these, I thank for.

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