Sunday, August 10, 2008

city girl gone kampung

Yes, indeed I have. City girl gone kampung. Yesterday, I left the usual city life for something new and adventurous. I headed for the kampung. My very dear friend, Dara invited me and some of her friends to her father's farm for a day of fun-filled kampung-related activities. Damn, I was so excited. Initially, the agenda was to leave Bangsar, our meeting point at 9am but sigh, Malaysians as usual tend to be an hour late than the original time.

The farm is located somewhere in Ulu Langat. Little did I know, Ulu Langat is really far! My friend told me it would be a 45-min ride. But she lied! Well, she did it because she didn't want to dampen my kampung spirit. Anyway, we arrived an hour an 15 mins later to a very huge and green land. There were trees, horse tracks and coops everywhere. Got there, and instantly we began our kampung experience. Not forgetting, I had endless mosquito bites experience too! Here's what we did:-

Firstly, we played with chickens. We fed it.
DYK, chickens could fly? I MEAN FLYING REALLY HIGH! They do!
Then, we fed the racing horses.
Followed by the deers and goats.
We fed ourselves too. Farm work can really tire you down.
What's a good meal without some desserts.
And so, we had fruits.
Fresh fruits grown and picked from the farm.
Mangosteens and durians. Yum!
Tummies were filled; then, we played American Football.
So much fun!
And the best part of the whole kampung experience:

That's a flying chicken!Meet Hero
Meet King

Dara being pushed by the river's heavy current

The mini pool we built out of rocks and hardwork!
It does bring back memories of when I was a kid back in my own kampung. I used to swim in rivers and waterfalls whilst catching little shrimps and fish. Back to my farm day out, we swam and played in the river. Psst, we build a mini pool in the river too! Soon after, we headed home - drenched and stinky! I got home and thoroughly sanitized myself. I told my mum, I don't think I can leave what I have now for something back to basics. It will drive me up the wall. Can you? But undoubtedly, I did have a lot of fun! It was truly a great adventure.

Got home at approximately 7.30pm when Kristen called. She invited me for dinner at La Bodega, Bangsar. And I agreed. Didn't have time to rest, I hit the showers and got ready. Had good tapas and drinks, of course. Best of all, it was all paid for! After a fine dinner, Kris and I headed to KL to meet up with some friends. We went to Mojos. Dance, dance, and dance. And it was time to call it a night. Slept soundly. Pretty much, I've drained all my energy out.


moments like these, I thank for.

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