Tuesday, August 19, 2008

more memories to keep

Ah yes, more memories for me to keep and cherish as I have finally gotten a digital camera. Weeeeeee...! I've been famous for taking pictures with my devoted Motorola V3x but I guess I won't be needing it anymore. A 12MP camera will be capturing and ceasing all the great moments in my life with beloved family and friends.

A little update on my weekends. Attended yet another, World Cyber Games (WCG) 2008 at MidValley. Sadly, Hybrid (the supported team) lost. Nonetheless, Hybrid deserved to win seeing that they've trained very hard and religiously. Just keep up the spirit, boys! Go shoot more asses!
Them, champions in 2007!

The thinking man
My brother from another mother,
what's up J-boo?

Round #1
Round #2

Colour coordinated

Last night, dear Amanda had a minor nervous breakdown. She didn't know how to use Microsoft Powerpoint (laughs). I'm sorry babe! But seriously, she needed help for her presentation. And so, being the tech savvy person I am, my day was pretty much occupied with her, Irene NAK and their Accounting presentation. Landed ourselves at Segafredo, Sunway Pyramid for some good ol' yummy sandwiches whilst whisking away to do their presentation slides. How nice. A very laid back day, I might add. 3 loud girls in an empty cafe, snapping pictures and laughing till our bellies hurt.

Thanks to them, I now know some knowledge about accounting. I looked at the accounting book and I was dumbfounded. The book was as thick as the bible! Right now, I'm so thankful I'm doing what I do best - talk! (smiles) And since, I'm armed with my new camera, why not take some pictures, right? Snap, snap away, we went!

Her apparent "si-si-mun-mun" face

Irene: Muaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
Amanda: Eyerr...go away, please!
Loves, too!


moments like these, I thank for.

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