Wednesday, August 6, 2008

at the dancefloor

Heard of Euphoria by Ministry of Sound? I'm sure you've heard about this over-publicize new club in Malaysia. Located smack outside of Sunway Lagoon Resort with a big-ass sign "EUPHORIA" which you definitely can't miss. Oh well, let me get to my point. It's been awhile since Euphoria has opened, however the crowd isn't all that great.

Therefore, Euphoria has revamped their system whereby people our age can enter! Without any problems. Let me rephrase that. Age limit: 18 years & above. You like? I was requested to promote openly about Euphoria's wild Thursday nights and hell yeah, it's LADIES NIGHT. The rules?

Free entrance for both guys and girls.
Pssttt, it's good to be a girl. Guess what? You'll get a free drink! (grins)
However, entry is strictly at 10.30pm (then again, it's negotiable).
Any later, cover charge is RM40 that includes a drink.
And oh yes, as silly as it may sound. A password is needed to enter
Password: MINI (no, it's not a mini coupe. It's actually a girl's name)

For some of you maybe wondering, are the drinks pricey? Well here's the breakdown:
1 jug beer - RM45 nett
3 jugs beer - RM118 nett
1 jug Sangria - RM45 nett
1 jug Vodka Raspberry - RM60 nett
2 Chivas Regal bottle - RM598 nett

So you know what to do right? No plans tomorrow. Just grab your dancing shoes, your boogie booties and head on over to the dancefloor of Euphoria in your flashiest attire. I've been there. And I can safely say: NO REGRETS! What would you know?
You might see yours truly there tomorrow.


moments like these, I thank for.

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