Saturday, August 30, 2008

in the idiot box

Another unproductive day. (sigh) Went for class. Had meeting for the upcoming carnival, organized by us (UniSA Yr 1 Sem 2). Will tell you more when everything is on the rolling. Stayed home and declared myself, DEAD. This is why.

Parents went to Republic. They didn't bother waking me up from my deep sleep, sadly. Thankfully, Azim was nice enough to take me out from my misery. Went to drink and that was it. I'm so f*cking lazy to do my assignment. Presentation next week. Assignment due next week. I need more days for next week.

Anyway, last Saturday a dear friend, Ling text me, "I see you on TV. Haha!". As I read it, I was wondering whether it was a joke or I'm on TV for the wrong things. (laughs) Then it occurred to me, THE FIRM, duh! The Firm is a Malaysian version of The Apprentice. And no, I am not one of the contestants but I'm working for Team Asset as a promoter. How cool, aye. Earn money and at the same time, get my 15 mins of fame. By the way, you can catch the rest of the episodes on NTV7 every Saturdays at 8.30pm! I'll be appearing in some episodes (winks).

Check it out (some other familiar faces are in it too!):

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