Thursday, April 23, 2009

she likes it

The feeling of dressing up and strapping my heels, I miss it!


I'm sitting here on my toilet seat while being treated by my best friend, CrissyB who was absolutely darling enough to have agreed to help me dye my hair. Yes, I am I doing something to my hair yet again. I've got hair issues. Can't seem to maintain and keep to one hairstyle.

I was really tempted to cut my 'already short hair' to even shorter. Don't bother asking why. Like I said, it's called issues. In the end, I resorted to just dying my freshly new black hair to Medium Auburn. We'll just have to wait for the end result.


Amidst with my many assignments, last night I finally managed to squeeze in some time for my social life. A friend of mine, MingWei invited me to a BAT (British American Tobacco) function at Upstairs, Loft. And boy, was I contemplating whether to go or not. IreneLove told me that I should go and treat myself. And I must thank her for saying that. So, I went. All I can say, no regrets!

BAT functions are off the hook. Bottles after bottles! Yes, bottles. A big thanks to MingWei for the invitation. I'm glad that I went and let loose. A much needed night after weeks of non stop devotion to my assignments. It was like a breath of fresh air.
Awesome company.
Pumping music.
Free alcohol.
Free cigarettes.
Tell me that doesn't sound fun to you?

MingWei + Aileen from BAT + I
Arvind + Elaine
AmirB, who was one lucky guy to have called me!
"Lish, where you heading tonight?"
"Loft. Wanna come?"

I got what I wish for: dancing in the moonlight!

Tomorrow: Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor @ Zouk KL
See you there.


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